Signed Private Eye HC by Brian K Vaughan

Thanks to DrunkWooky for sending this over.

I have been looking forward to Brian K. Vaughan’s web comic to be released in print since it was announced. The 300 page book came out at $50, and that stung a bit. Hard to cough up that amount of money for one book. Here is a deal that makes it a little sweeter.

Midtown Comics has copies of Private Eye that come with a signed book plate. The book plate is signed by BKV, and artists Marcos Martin, Muntsa Vicente. The book and the signed book plate (essentially a sticker that goes inside the front cover) is cover price. BKV can be a hard signature to get, I can tell you that much.

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  1. This is my way of supporting the writer and artist. I’ve already downloaded the issues with a name your price of $0.00. Just haven’t had the time to read yet.

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