One to Watch: Captain America #25 Death Issue

it is time to start looking for cheap copies of Captain America #25 again due to the recent conversation that happened at Wizard World New Orleans. I have long said, and believed, that Captain America will be “killed” in the Civil War Movie. looks like the panel in New Orleans has further cemented that fact.

During a Wizard World New Orleans panel for Captain America: Civil War, the filmmakers sure made it sound like they’ve already filmed the iconic scene from the comics where Captain America is assassinated.
During a Q&A with fans, one question was what one scene any of the actors present — which included Frank Grillo, Hayley Attwell, Anthony Mackie, Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner — along with directors Joe and Anthony Russo, would like to film with their characters that they hadn’t had a chance to do yet.
“I’d like to kill Captain America,” joked Grillo.
“We may or may not have filmed that scene, though,” Joe Russo responded. “She asked about a scene you haven’t done.”
Given that earlier in the panel, Russo had described the film as a “gut punch,” which could sync up with long-standing rumors that Captain America would die at the end. In the comics, Captain America’s death and replacement by Bucky Barnes was the most notable after-effect of the Civil War event miniseries.

There are a lot of nice copies up on eBay including CBCS graded 9.8 for $60 (with $7 shipping). Also, CBCS graded 9.6 for $34.99 or best offer. Again, with cheap shipping. There are also CGC Graded 9.8 and 9.6 for varying prices.

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  1. Yeah, there are still some cheap ones out there; especially the Kirby inspired variant cover. I put in a best offer for $25 that was accepted on a lot of four; two of each cover (A & B) in high grade (look NM from the photos). That’s $6.25 each before shipping. Not too bad. I already own a set from when they first came out so these should be good for a quick flip if Cap is “killed” off in Civil War. If not, it was a low risk buy and I should be able to get my money back at the worst. If it does turn out to be true these probably won’t be cheap for long.

  2. I wonder what this news will do to the other issues involved in the death of captain America storyline. If they see a small bump, maybe we can flip a 50c-$1 book into $5.

      1. Which one, death or Bucky as Cap? I actually got a few of the death issues for around $5 each and #34 I found one at half price books for like a buck that was in NM condition. Picked up several others for cover at local shops.

      2. The death. I found a bunch of old fallen son issues in a 50c bin. They’re about fine+ to vf- condition but for 50c it was a no brainer

    1. If they do kill off Cap and Bucky replaces him (until Cap gets better just in time for Infinity War 2) Captain America #34 will gain a lot of interest and should go up as well. When Civil War was first announced and with Bucky being in the last Captain America movie it just makes sense. Hollywood does have a way of turning things that make sense into nonsense, but I don’t think this will be one of those cases. Last year I picked up a bunch of Cap #34 for around cover price, but looking at Ebay the cheap ones are gone. Mycomicshop as a few in VF for under $5, so that’s not too bad. I’m sure there are some lcs that still have them in the bins for a good price. Those who haven’t gotten one now should get it soon. The Ross cover being the best bet.

  3. My comic shop is asking $25 a pop for the variant ones. A little to much for my pocket right now. Since I went crazy with the NM 98 last week lol

  4. @Alena… That is very true and I thought of that as well, but since they brought the Winter Solder into the cinematic universe as a main character (a little more so than Falcon anyway) I think they will keep with how it panned out in the comics. They have been building the strength of Cap and Bucky’s friendship and strong past relationship where that looks to continue in Civil War. Of course this is where Hollywood may start to think they know better than the fans and viewers and may go against original comic cannon, so time will tell on that one. There is a chance it could be Falcon for sure, I am just giving more weight to it being Bucky/Winter Soldier.

  5. During the casting of Captain America First Avenger, Sabastian Stan was in the running to play Captain America. I am not 100% sure, but I remember reading that he was never told anything otherwise and just told his part was Bucky. He has a 9 picture movie contract as well. Even if it’s not in civil war HE will become Cap eventually. Captain America #34 will be a better grab than #25 money wise.

      1. I have just about every key issue to date. Even a few golden age Caps in my collection. Epting Brubaker is by far the best story line, I was really happy when they went with the winter soldier and civil war for the films.
        I have a dilemma though. Cap is my favorite. so everything cap I own (multitudes of Cap everything) must stay in my possession. If you have anything you are looking to part with let me know lol.

  6. And don’t forget, there are quite a few variants and second prints for issue #25. I found the 2nd print Epting variant in a $0.99 “trash” bin at Hastings last year. It’s the one with the white border and Cap laying on the steps after he had been shot.

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