Wednesday Winner: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0

It is nice to walk into your local comic shop and pick up new books on Wednesday, it is even better when copies of those books can be flipped for multiple times cover price. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 is one of those books.
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #0 was released with five separate color uniform themed covers. Leading the pack of the regulars is The Red Ranger Variant selling for upwards of $14.99. The Black Ranger Variant selling for around $9.99. The Pink Ranger Variant is selling in the $7.99 range. The Blue Ranger Variant is close behind, pushing up to the $6.99 range. Finally, the The Yellow Ranger Variant is selling for cover price. The Power Rangers #0 Set, of just the regular covers, are selling between $40-$50.
The variants are doing nicely as well. The Green Ranger Variant 1:50 is selling in the $150 range. The White Ranger Variant 1:100 is the go to one here at $200+.

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  1. These are climbing so much each day, and every auction has 30-50 different bidders. It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a brand new title get this many unique potential buyers. If I had used my head, and thought about all the power rangers fans, I would have quadrupled my initial order.

  2. I am glad I pre-ordered this, but the “status” didn’t change alongside my other books this week, so I’m hoping there isn’t some snafu that results in me getting No Copies. Crazy enough, my local comic shop Didn’t Even Order this title, so I had no chance to pick them up locally. I asked them if they had sold out, and they said they took a pass on this one, but could try to re-order it. I doubt that will happen, lol.

      1. @Stephen, very likely and unlikely. They’ll grab 5 copies without looking at the covers. When there’s both A and B covers, I’ve bought x 2 in the past of these hoping to get both covers, every single time I would end up with just 1 cover for both. I stopped buying two or more if they lump them together and claim they are random, because they are. They’re not likely going to take the extra minute to grab you each different cover.
        But here’s to hoping I’m wrong and you do get all 5.. but from my own experience, never happens.

      2. I saw & snagged a set of 5 from Midtown. They were Sold Out prior to Wednesday, but I checked back in a few times, since they sometimes randomly become available again for a small window of time. It may happen again on Wednesday, if you keep an eye out.
        I don’t buy from them much anymore, since they had a problem with damaged books showing up in 100% of the orders I was placing, and when I’d send photos they’d say they couldn’t see the damage, even if it was 15 white creases on the spine of a black cover in clear view. They just don’t much care anymore. It also helps me to not buy from them, since they bumped all of their prices up considerably. It used to be a substantial discount for nearly 2 months on each new comic, but now that discount only lasts a week or two before they’re pretty much cover price.
        I’m hoping with just-released comics there won’t be a condition issue; but I also placed an order from them on Black Friday and got very few damaged books out of a huge stack, so that was promising. Their 75% Off sale made the Variants for SHIELD#1 only cost $1.13, and that issue is technically the 1st appearance of Melinda May & Fitz-Simmons in 616 Marvel continuity. It was my secret way of sticking it to them. 🙂

        1. I got a Monstress 1 signed from them that they pulled that stuff on. Huge spine bend and a smaller one. They said they couldn’t see them. So I sent them another photo with arrows pointing to the obvious bends and they said it fit their definition of “NM” I shuttered.

      3. Guys, if you aren’t happy with Midtown due to damage, don’t tell them you want to return due to damage, just tell them you simply don’t want the comics. That’s the tip I got from one of their staff I chatted with, returned with no issues. The only issue I do have is you do have to ship back on your own dime.
        I’ve only had one comic come damaged and it was likely damaged before shipment. It was a Caliban #1 all black cover, had creases all up and and down. Simply saying I didn’t want it, got it returned and money back no problem.

      4. Also, if you order using credit card, you can likely dispute any non NM comics that arrive with them. 1 to 2 creases probably can’t get away with but anymore than that with some folds or bends, you can likely dispute the sale with your credit card company saying they advertised as Near Mint and it’s not. Your credit card will side with you every time. Midtown and most merchants don’t want to deal with the long process and bow out early, it costs them less to just accept the return.

      5. @Poyo, I’ll have to keep that in mind in the future. I know I’ve had better luck getting a refund when using their Online Chat feature. Any time I’ve had to send back, they refund the return shipping back to me; and a few times they’ve just shipped new copies of the books without having to send back. But, sometimes their Online Chat feature is Offline all the time for weeks on end, even during the posted hours of availability; so I end up having to send an email otherwise too much time passes from my receipt of the package.

      1. Oh, and in the U.S., the Yellow Ranger was replaced prior to her death. Trini, Jason, & Zack (Yellow, Red, Black) had disputes over their pay, so they were written out of the show. It was a really awkward handling of it, too, since they had to do so without the actors. The characters are said to be leaving town for a martial arts circuit or something, and they primarily used the dialogue of the other characters to imply it; as well as a scene of shadows of 3 figures on a hillside at sunset with voice-over using dialogue from past episodes to imply that this was Trini, Jason, & Zack in the shadows. Lol. I haven’t seen it since I was a kid, but that was just so awkward at the time, I’ll never forget!
        It reminds me of the awful way Shannen Doherty was written out of “Charmed”, where they just implied that she died between seasons, and that the sisters weren’t able to contact her spirit the same way they frequently did their other relatives, “because reasons”. Lame; but I guess sometimes you are just stuck when you lose an actor. It’s still become a running joke for me in my writing, though, lol.
        But back to the Rangers, from what I’ve seen in modern articles, those actors actually were paid Hardly Anything for their part in the show, considering it’s booming popularity & merchandising. I get that some actors get a swelled head and want a bigger piece of the pie that they may not be entitled to, but it sounds like Saban was trying to cheat them out of fair pay, and implied that the human side of the Rangers didn’t matter, and they could just stick someone else in the costume and no one would care. Which is why they booted those 3 and brought in Rocky, Adam, & Aiesha. In the end, it still worked, and those characters garnered fans, and they’d eventually follow that formula again with Kimberly being swapped-out for Catherine; up till they started rebooting the entire cast every season (but I stopped watching long before that…); and it’s still on the air today, so Saban probably doesn’t regret their decision…

    1. I haven’t read this new #0 yet, but I remember in that Free Comic Book Day issue last year or the year before (which I feel like was NOT a Boom release…), Trini almost got hit by a car. She died in a car accident, and they chose for her character to nearly get run over; it just felt wrong!
      And speaking of “poor guy”… the original Yellow Ranger was a guy named “Boi”. Back in the day, that was one of those “hidden” easter eggs in MMPR, that the Yellow Ranger was sometimes flat chested, because her counterpart in the Japanese footage was male. Super Sentai Zyuranger was released on DVD last year, so I finally got to see the original Japanese series from which MMPR was created. It’s actually really interesting to see what wasn’t incorporated into MMPR, and what elements were changed or removed. I’m planning to do a write-up about it. I’d long wanted to see this series,but never had access to it with English subtitles.

  3. I have a red, pink and white ranger waiting for me at my LCS since I haven’t been able to pick them up. Looking at the prices that the white ranger is going for, I might consider to sell mine.

  4. Oddly, 2016 Power Rangers comics are worth more than 1994 comics in $4 range. But markets work in mysterious ways.

    1. Am I the only one that has zero desire to pick up, flip or read these? I looked to see if one LCS at open time had the green or white cover but they didn’t so I didn’t even bother with the others. Most of the early peeps were passing over them as well. Good luck to anyone who can flip them though..

  5. They’ve been a decent flip. Even 2nd and 3rd Prints are selling well as a pair. Talking about luck! I walked in my LCS like every other day and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. They had a 1:100 White MMPR #0 ready to be stored with the back issues and was priced $4.50. I didn’t even blink! I came out dancing out the store w/ that comic in my hand LOL. I still can’t BELIEVE it.

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