Coming Soon: Amazon Exclusive Deadpool & Agent Carter POP!

Tyson B. from with some exclusive Pop news for a (snowy) Saturday.

13 thoughts on “Coming Soon: Amazon Exclusive Deadpool & Agent Carter POP!”

  1. Just checked out the pops and they look sick. The deadpool one is the one I want lol. Going to see if I can find it on release date. Thanks for the heads up Tyson

  2. I wasn’t interested in Pops until I started reading these posts, and now I have a few. Trying not to go overboard……. like I do with the comics.

    1. Lol. I started when I started getting subscription boxes. I had one. The Lootcrate Joker Batman one. Then Tyson B sent me a dancing baby Groot. From there it has spiraled out of control. I have 70 pops I think. Many are exclusives.

  3. I try not to get into pops as much cuz I would go crazy. I have bought my little one the complete collection of big hero 6 and my wife her Harley Quinn pops and my oldest his batman pops. I only have 7 pops and hope to keep it under 20 lol.

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