February Lootcrate Theme is Dead

The next Lootcrate box, coming out in February, has a theme of dead. Deadpool and The Walking Dead to be exact.  
The box will have four items including a T-Shirt, a figure (not sure if it is a Pop or an action figure, but either would be sweet) and two other exclusive items. I put my account in hold last month as I was not excited about the items in it but am in for this one. 
You can sign up for this month’s Lootcrate here. Use code Save3 to save $3 off.

15 thoughts on “February Lootcrate Theme is Dead”

  1. I am still onboard.. I’ve been offloading most of the stuff to the kids the past few months.. but this month will be all for me! 🙂

  2. I mean if its not a pop in here id be so mad…It will be a Deadpool pin and a walking dead spoon or some off brand stuff….but if its a Negan Pop and a Deadpool Movie pop..I will be happy lol

    1. A Negan POP would be awesome.. I’m predicting a Deadpool shirt and the action figure will be Walking Dead related.

  3. I canceled my box with this month. Seeing a Walking Dead item in the box has me giving seconds thoughts. If I knew for sure it would be a Walking Dead pop I’d probably hang around for one more month.

          1. You know, I never even opened it. I kept it sealed because I have littler interest in Street Fighter and figured I’d sell if it was worth it. It’s currently sitting in a long box….waiting…for just that right moment.

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