February Lootcrate Update

We mentioned earlier today that the next Lootcrate box, coming out in February, has a theme of dead. Deadpool and The Walking Dead to be exact. We just got an update and wanted to fill you in.  
The box will have four items including a T-Shirt, a figure and two other exclusive items.  
We just found out thanks to a very reputable source that the exclusive toy is going to be a McFarlane Toys action figure! That reputable source is McFarlane Toys themselves. It is a never before seen exclusive McFarlane Toys Action figure! 
You can sign up for this month’s Lootcrate here. Use code Save3 to save $3 off.

10 thoughts on “February Lootcrate Update”

  1. This is going to be really awesome. No matter who the character is, McFarlane does great detail in their toys. This is definitely going to be able to be flipped easy.

      1. Well obviously you keep one! You get your wife to buy the other one and flip the extra. That’s what I’m doing 🙂

      2. Well I guess you’re just unlucky lol. What if the character was totally random. Exclusive toy featuring zombie extra #5. Signed by Fred himself!!

  2. Thanks for the head up! Definately in on this one. My wife is a big Walking Dead so it was a really easy sell;)!

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