Slew of Guardians of the Galaxy 2 News drops today

A couple of key news bits broke about the Guardians of the Galaxy 2 movie today and worth checking out:

First up was a tweet from the official Guardians of the Galaxy Twitter account to inform that production of the sequel had begun.

Following up on that, it was confirmed that Kurt Russell would be playing Starlord’s dad. Up in the air who he will be (I think Marvel did a Snake Plissken book at one time so who knows). Sure to be a lot of spec on him once more details are revealed.
James Gunn confirmed what we already suspected, Pom Klementieff will play Mantis in the film. Mantis, who first appeared in Avengers #112, was once rumored to be in Avengers Age of Ultron, so I hope copies were picked up cheaper back then.
Also confirmed recently was Ego the Living Planet would appear in Guardians 2. Ego first appears in Thor #132.

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  1. Avengers #112 doesn’t seem to have many deals on it right now and probably wont now that the character is confirmed. If anything at this point I would only pick it up if you can find an OK price and want one for the personal collection. Thor #132 still has some good prices out there. More than a few VG’s on Ebay for around $15 to $20 as of writing this and even one on Mycomicshop in fair condition for under $5. Some decent prices on well enjoyed copies for those who wouldn’t mind owning one and don’t care they can’t retire off of it years down the road. It can can still be found in VF for around $60 ungraded. So, if you are looking for a higher grade copy, that’s is roughly the price of a video game so not bad either. I am not a huge Thor fan but if I can get a silver age book at a good price that will most likely go up because of movie tie ins, then why not. Found a solid fine for $25. that’s the price of a new modern variant, so for some classic Kirby art and Stan Lee scripting, why the heck not! Not sure just how much interest in the living planet there will be, but seems anything that appears in the movies sees a bit of a price increase at the very least.

    1. It’s funny because Cosmo’s First appearance and the first appearance of that severed head planet thing from the first movie both saw movement. Really, Cosmo was on screen for 2 seconds.
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  2. I picked up Avengers #112 last year when rumblings of Mantis first happened. I paid about $70 for a VF copy. I’m kicking myself for passing up a lower grade copy (F-F+ range) in the $20-30 range a few months back. I got to digging through stuff and kind of forgot I had found it.

    1. I was able to find a nice mid grade #112 for $25 yesterday. About a 5 to 5.5 overall. Don’t think I will do much better than that for a mid grade with the announcement out there. Was thinking of getting this book a couple of months ago, when like you said higher grades were going for the same price. Oh well, at least I go this one out of the way for my pc. By the time the movie hits it may even double in price. Who knows. Paid for it, so no going back now.

    1. because of the fickle nature of the collecting community it’s hard to be sure which book will be the more desirable one, but 133 is def the first full appearance (plus it has a super awesome cover). 132 is a one panel cameo on the last page.

      1. Those darn cameo’s! There are quite a few Thor 133’s on Ebay right now. Found one listed in Fine + for $20. Very nice cover so why not! Seems most cameo first appearances do get put to the side when a full appearance shows off the character the following month, especially if that character is on the cover. Not too many cases where the cameo is the most sought after that I can think of. I know Jimmy Olsen 134 is the first appearance Darksied and most sought after, but maybe that is because he also appears in another cameo in issue 135 and doesn’t have a full showing until his third or fourth overall appearance. Fantastic Four #67 with Adam Warlock (Him) is another that comes to mind as well. At least his cocoon is on the cover of that along with the cameo inside. Regardless, bought Thor 132 &133, so now I get to wait until they get here so I can read them! I don’t think Ego’s first appearance will be the next big thing, but with the amount of issues still out there especially at good prices it’s kind of a no brainier to pick up at least one. They certainly won’t go down in price as more people realize what the character is and how he will be used in the movie. Like Anthony pointed out, even Cosmo’s two seconds of fame drove the price up, so we will see where things go with Ego.

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