Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 1

Blind Adam us a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind. He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.
Greetings my Comics Heating Up and family. Thank you all for your support, friendship, encouragement, and advice. Thank you for helping a blind man’s dream come true . To Anthony thank you so much for letting me play in your awesome sandbox . Now lets make the money on some comic books:
1. We are Robin #1– not sure what will happen to these kids in rebirth, but just read #9 and love Smiley and his Joker Gang. Smiley’s first appearance as a cameo is #1 $3-5 I really like the concept of Smiley and the Joker kids and hope it last through rebirth
2. Amazing Spiderman #162– Punisher appearance. Netflix Daredevil season 2 plus a Punisher solo show is coming major villain could be Jigsaw and this is his firstapperance
3. Amazing Spiderman #181– retells origin of Spiderman. Punisher cameo. One panel of ASM #121-122 new Spiderman movie coming and I love that headshot cover
4. Amazing Spiderman #188– Punisher cameo origin of jigsaw see my #2 pick but I do believe Jigsaw will appear in a Netflix Punisher show and I believe the Punisher will steal the show from Mr. Murdock in March
5. Cartoon Network Presents #1– DC Comics use to have such awesome tie in books. Power Puff Girls. Cow and Chicken. Just the gateway drugs for kids to get into comics . Not much spec play just a cool book we should give to our kids
6. Power Puff Girls #1 DC Comics– a new Power Puff Girls show is coming. Why I don’t know but what is old is new again. I do like the IDW book and I do watch them on youtube $5 a cheap play that could go up
7. Authority #1–  I love this book,especially from issue #13 when Mark Millar took it over. But #1 is the first Midnighter and DC has done its best to make Midnighter a player $5-10
8. Huntress #19– if your digging the Grayson book then you love the Huntress.  She had a solo title back in the day this is the final issue of it and has a very low print run
9. Marvel Year in Review 1992. Squirrel Girl is a cos play all star. Her first appearance is red hot but this little unknown book is her second appearance and features a sweet Punisher cover $10-25 hard in the wild
10.  Real Ghostbusters #1 first series- 1st Ghostbusters in comics a new Ghost Busters movie is coming . IDW still does Ghostbusters comics I am waiting for this book to get it’s due
11. Superman #700– anniversary issues are the bomb. Use to mean something. DC and Marvel, why do we need renumbering all the time? This was the start of J.M.S.’s run and has a Harley Quinn appearance. Soon to be a movie star appearance
12. Batman the Dark Knight Strikes Again #3– Please don’t player hate. I liked “Strikes Again.” I come across a lot of #1&2s but never find #3s low print and not Frank Miller’s best work
13. Wonder Woman #77 Linda Carter variant- I believe a wonder woman hype machine is starting. Grab all the key Wonder Woman books and figures now. This was a 1 in 100 variant $90
14. Man Thing #10– first appearance of fool killer $5-10 now fool killer is a merc for money
15. Foolkiller #1– the first issue of the first series. I need to reread this series thanks Deadpool. Previously had heat due to Comic Book Men
16. Sandman #75– I am loving Lucifer on Fox. Each week I just hold out hope that D ream or Destiny or Death can make an appearance but with t he movie coming most likely not. Final issue beloved series way to cheap $5-10
17. Preacher #66– Preacher is coming to AMC. once again a final issue of a beloved series and way to cheap $5-10
18. Cable #43– 1st Marvel work by this dude named Bryan k. Vaughn he now does Saga or something
19. Spiderman Unlimited #2– Carnage is hot. I loved Maximum Carnage and this is the final chapter might have some spec play
20. Superman vs the Flash trade paperback– this trade is out of print and reprints some of the classic Flash vs Superman races. Also, the Flash vs Supergirl episode will reek of awesomeness $20-40 still love the 70’s oversized treasury verson of this
21. Captain Marvel #57– this is a Thanos appearance. A cameo in a
flashback, but a Thanos appearance that is cheap . why $5 tops?
Once again, thank you for everything. Thank you for reading this each and every week.
Until next week blind adam out

11 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 1”

  1. Love these lists. Keep ’em coming. Thought I’d point out though, that Authority 1 isn’t first Midnighter. He appears first in Stormwatch Vol. 2 #4 and even though its seemingly under the radar, you’re lucky to find one for under $25.

  2. Along similar lines as Midnighter, Omega the Unknown is gonna be the first apperance of Foolkiller. At least the one in Mercs for money, and first ever Foolkiller is MT#3 not 10.

  3. Thanks again for a great list Blind Adam! Just one thing, the last issue of that first Huntress solo series is issue #19 not issue #18. Issue #19 even says Final Issue on it. lol

  4. Good list! Just throwing this in the loop…Amazing Spiderman #300 is by no means a hidden gem and is a bit pricey especially in higher grade, but with the announcement of a stand alone movie and possible movie franchise this book may see a significant rise in price. It may be a bit expensive to load up on multiple copies for speculation but if anyone has wanted it for their personal collection, now would probably be the time to get it.

    1. another couple of venom books to keep an eye out for:
      -Amazing Spider-Man Annual # 25
      1st solo Venom story. I feel like this should be a fairly major Venom key but it’s still dirt cheap. Not sure why it isn’t worth more but with the Venom franchise gearing up this book could see some increase. Marvel Spotlight # 28 is Moon Knight’s first solo and that’s a decently valued issue already.
      -Quasar # 6
      Not that this will be a huge sleeper hit or anything but it’s an interesting book in that it’s Venom’s first appearance outside the Spidey realm.
      -What If…? (Vol 2) # 44
      Venom-Punisher! This book is still under $10 but sale prices on ebay have doubled in the last 3 weeks. If it sustains any heat at all it’ll probably be as short-lived as the Venom-Hulk hype but Punisher’s popularity is back on the rise as well as Venom’s so it could harbor some long-term potential. But regardless, it’s still a pretty cool book with a cool cover.

  5. While I like perusing these lists, since they sometimes contain books I’m not aware of, or wasn’t paying attention to… I always end up having to track down the Exact Details myself. Many first appearances and issue numbers tend to be incorrect… but it still tells me Who & What to look for, so I just figure them out for myself. I think the Blind Adam column would benefit from showcasing a Smaller List per column, with more Research on each book prior to publishing. Just a thought. 10 books at a time would also let you elaborate on each book’s content without feeling like the column is running too long. Quality over Quantity.

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