Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 2

Blind Adam us a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind. He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.

Hello my friends and family. Its your boy Blind Adam, back again. Thank you all for being my friends. Thank you all for the support, encouragement, and for reading (and group editing) this each and every week. Now it is that time to make money on comics.

1. Super Powers Mini Series #1-6– lets just say the omega symbol on Batman’s chest is Darkseid related. Then every Darkseid appearance will heat up well. This mini series is a neat Darkseid story and the last DC Comics work by jack Kirby the king of comics

(The Adam West Themed Picks) Adam West is retiring from conventions

2. The Mis-Adventures of Adam West #1– Blue Water Productions put out some interesting comics, this was my favorite and it is very cheap $5 and here is a flip idea. Find at your l.c.s., bring it to a convention, since this is Adam West’s last year doing conventions, get it witnessed and graded, and flip it you can also get an autographed copy form Adam West’s website for $40

3. Batman 66 #1 Fan Expo variant– again, get them signed soon by Adam West and Burt Ward and just see what the prices will be.

4. Batman 66 #1 San Diego Action Figure variant– with other Batman 66 variants become red hot I thought this would be an awesome pick up at $20-40. Get them signed and graded and just see what the prices will be..

5. Fame Justin Bieber #1 Larry's Comics Variant– $10-20 just an awesome Deadpool homage cover. Not sure if Larry still has any in stock. Sure it’s silly but with Deadpool and crossover potential, who knows where this can end up.

6. Justice League Europe #6– I have to credit Bleeding Cool for this one. This is the first Crimson Fox. With the start of the upcoming comedy show on NBC you should get them now $1-6

7. Batman vs Superman mini comics– $5 $20 on sets. General Mills Lucky Charms, Honey Nut Cheerios are putting mini comics in boxes of cereal. Now I have to eat two boxes of Lucky Charms a week, but sets will be tough to find in the wild

8. Booster Gold #4 2007– Booster tries to save Barry Allen and pre-dates DCU #0 for the reintroduction of Barry Allen $3-5

9. Booster Gold #1 2007– between DC’s Legends of Tomorrow featuring Rip Hunter and Booster Gold becoming a movie star, my question is this so cheap $5

10. X-Force #1– hear me out. Yes, the Deadpool card is a known book at $10. The Cable card is on the rise at $5. But not only does Deadpool appear on the card, but this should be Deadpools second appearance as Deadpool appears on a file page at the end of the book $1-5 (see Anthony’s post on the First 10 Deadpool Appearances)

11. Beavis and Butthead #1– Marvel nineties were awesomesauce. I want Beavis and Butthead to make a come back. Maybe I should start a trend and make a fan comic, any artists on here? $1-5

12 Harley Quinn #6 Mike Allred Batman 66 variant– This has Harley Quinn 66, Joker, and Mike Allred. Where do I get one of these> $25-40

13 The Flash #208– Mike Turner art, Flash vs Superman why only $5

14 Punisher War Zone #41– final issue of the third Punisher series Low print run Daredevil Season 2 is coming $20

15. Moon Knight #7 and #8– Deadpool appearance. Great cover art, and had a pretty small print run.

16. Superman vs Wonder Woman over-sized treasury comic– I love these treasury editions from the bronze age. these were the trade paperbacks of the day. March 25 is less than 3 weeks away. Superman and Wonder Woman will blow up. $20-40. Really look for anything Superman vs WW

17. Heroes for Hire Luke Cage #1 Marvel Legends Reprint- Netflix is the place for Marvel TV shows. Cage will hit in the fall, might even make an appearance in Daredevil Season Two. If you can’t afford the first print of this, then try and find the Marvel Legends reprint (and you get bonous points if you buy mint in package with the cage figure) $20

18. The Undertaker #1 Wrestlemania 15 Variant–  Wrestlemania 32 might be the Undertakers last match ever in WWE. Back in the day chaos comics did a line based on wrestlers this was a mail in variant for people that ordered WM15 and is a tough book haven’t seen it in years.

19. Incredible Hulk #456– X-Men Apocalypse is coming to theaters. All of his appearances are heating up. I thought this would be a cool pick damn shame we can’t see it in the movies $10-25
Thank you all for everything. Have a great week and I love you all
Blind Adam out.

20. Haunted Mansion– Sure, Marvel dropped the book today based on the fan favorite Disney ride. But Slave Labor (SLG) and Roman Dirge did it well and did it first.

Blind Adam out!


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  1. OCguy72 says:

    Fun list! As always! Thanks!

  2. Shines says:

    I think Haunted Mansion is a great spec, it’s one of the most popular Disney attractions. Eventually a new movie series will “materialize”, taking away the stink of Eddie Murphy’s bomb. How big would a Pirates of the Carribean book have been? Plenty of cross-collector interest!
    The Slave Labor series back issues can only benefit from the more visible Marvel series. Lower print runs. Plus look for the red foil retailer incentivev#1.
    Another variantvto look for is the Haunted Mansion Disneyland variants from the recent. IDW Disney comics. Currently in the $25 range.

  3. melthemovieguy says:

    Fame Justin Bieber #1 Larry’s Comics Variant BRILLIANT ..I can totally see this for pt 2

  4. Harry says:

    Great pics and will definitely be on the hunt for them. I just love your specs!!!!!

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