Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 4

Blind Adam is a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind. He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.
Greetings I want to first wish you a happy easter. Don’t eat to much candy, except for jelly beans as
jelly beans rule. Thank you all for the friendship, encourgment, support and advice, and the editing each and every week. Now let’s make the money (and then go eat more jelly beans).
1. DC Comics Presents #1– Superman and the Flash. On Monday the Flash and Supergirl will do a cross over. The flash makes a cameo in Batman Vs Superman. This Superman Flash race thing will happen on screen and then all the comic races will be in the black. This story ends in issue #3
2. Power Records The Amazing Spiderman Invasion of the Dragon Men– This is the only Marvel Power Record to have an original story. If the record and comic are both in mint then we have a winner $10-25
3. What If #44– What if Venom possessed the Punisher. Um.. Venom as the Punisher, Question why does the book be so cheap? $10
4. What If #51– What if the Punisher was Captain America. The Punisher is on Netflix. Cap has a new movie soon. Maybe the Punisher makes a cameo in the movie as Marvel isn’t afraid to mix their tv and characters and have them in one universe. $5-10
5. Dexters Lab #1– Youtube the banned episode Rude Removal and laugh out loud. Then go collect and spec on all the cheap Dexter comics you can find. I love dealing in kids comics (also look for the Johnny Bravo Scooby Doo Episode for more funny banned Cartoon Network naughtiness.)
6. JLA #44– Superman vs Batman fight issue $3-5
7. Adventures of Superman #642– Max Lord and Superman vs Batman and Wonder Woman. Where do I get one of these? $2-5
8. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #10 (IDW)– 1st Shredder in IDW turtles. This is a TMNT key
9. Countdown to Final Crisis #21– This is the first in DCU Batman Beyond. Pre-dates Superman Batman Annual #4 and is so damn cheap. $5
10. He said She Said Comics Bill Clinton– yes these He said She Said Comics are #awesomesauce the ones to make the money are Bill Clinton and O.J. Simpson. But for my p.c. there is Amy Fisher. All can be found in dollar boxes
11. Tales from the Crypt #8 (Paper Cuts Series) Sara Palin variant cover
I love this cover but who in their right mind gives Sara Palin a hockey stick? $10
12. Green Hornet #1 Dynamite Series J. Scott Campbell variant- yes the Green Hornet gets no love, why is that, and this is a J. Scott Campbell variant for $10 w.t.f.?
13. Impulse #1– Flash #92 gets all the love but remember this; Impulse got his own series and Impulse will make the cw show someday $2-5
14. Batman Zero Year Directors Cut 1– Thanks to Charles from the G+ group for this one. Batman #21 might be the key for the Duke/Robin first appearance, but this directors cut (reprint) clocks in at 14,000 copies and will be much harder to find
15. Chris Jenner the Untold Story- Blue Water does it again. Another bio comic. This time about mommy Kardashain. Low print run and she is a pop culture figure and she gave us Kim oh boy Kardashian. And ruined Bruce Jenner to boot.
16. Wizard #148– credit goes to for this one. But Wizard #148 is the first X-23 the new Wolverine. Now if I can only find a copy
17. Batman Annual #11 (Original Series)– Alan Moore’s Clayface classic. I love this book not sure of the spec play but I am about to go see Batman Vs Superman and reread it for fun $10
18. Adventures of Superman #500 platinum or white bagged- Supergirl is a blast. Season 2 will be even better. I believe in season 2 we will have Superboy and Cyborg Superman and this dollar box gem will become hot like X-Force #2 hot
19,20. Wolverine #154Wolverine #155 – Deadpool appearances with Rob Liefeld art. Sequel for Deadpool and Wolverine 3 will be rated R. Who says Deadpool doesn’t make a cameo or that Hugh Jackman doesn’t extend his role of Wolverine into the Deadpool sequel
once again thank you for everything now I need a soda and some jelly
blind adam out

14 thoughts on “Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 4”

  1. i dont know where to post this but does anyone have a Spiderman deadpool 1, 1st print, reg. cover, my LCS didnt pull it for me and now ebay is raping for it. Thanks guys!

  2. Great list Adam and for the first time I have a couple of things in it! What if venom possessed punisher and batman 21 directors, both bought for peanuts a while back, makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside! I’m pretty stocked for batman 21, got all covers except the combo. 1:100 could be a monster down the line…

  3. Great list! One of the things I look forward to each week!
    Speaking of the Batman 21… Is this supposed to heat up further? I see them selling anywhere from $10-20 on the bay..

    1. Considering he hasn’t really appeared as Robin in the book yet (proper time line) I think there is still more room for growth. I have plucked a few off the shelves at cover price this week. One from a 70% off back issue sale.

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