Variant Envy: Spider-Women J. Scott Campbell Connecting Covers

Thanks to DrunkWookie for sending this over.

The image for these was just released today. And just like everything else J. Scott Campbell, they are sure to sell out. And considering they are Cover price variants, these will surely sell and sell quickly. Check out the image below. 

image (1)

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The J. Scott Campbell covers are for  Spider-Women Alpha #1, Spider-Gwen #7, Silk #7 and Spider-Woman #6.



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8 Responses to Variant Envy: Spider-Women J. Scott Campbell Connecting Covers

  1. Jesus says:

    I ordered these for the wife since she loves the way J Scott Campbell draws women specially black cat.

  2. Charles Woll says:

    Actually released yesterday. 😉
    Charles Woll
    Sequitur on G+

  3. Matt Black says:

    Are they already gone? Tfaw will only let me pre order spider woman, the others are unavailable….

  4. Doug says:

    Yeah… I was hoping to pre-order a set… damn.

  5. DannyH says:

    Spider-Gwen #7 is still available on at this moment.

  6. You can pick up a set on the Bay for $23 shipped right now. They’re almost sold out.

  7. A. King says:

    Only pre-ordered one set for the PC. Will most likely be getting another set, guess I’ll have to try my luck in the store.

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