Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 5

Blind Adam is a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind. He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.

Greetings everyone. Thank you for all of reading, as well as your friendship, encourgment,advice and surport. Thank you for reading every week. .now that I learned you can
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commercial lets make the money with some comics

1. Flash (Volume 1) #165– Barry and Iris wed. Just buy the grade you can afford. Great piece of Flash history. I can see the show doing this by the end of season 3 start of season 4.

2. Superman #50 Wonder Con Photo Cover Variant- It is a wonder con variant with a photo cover $20-40. there is one for Wonder Woman #50 as well from this years wonder con

3. Deadpool (Volume 4) #1 Phantom Variant– Dead Presidents (and Larry is the boom with his Phantom cover program.) This is my favorite, and this Deadpool variant might be under the radar $15-20. Hot Topic even made a t-shirt out of it.

4. Flash #131 (Vol. 2)– Mark Millar, Grant Morrison. The CW tv star the Flash plus the first Black Flash and it is cheap $2-3 and Black Flash was on the show as the time

5. Mad Magazine #242– This is a classic mad magazine. Return of the Jedi and the A-Team in one magazine and it is only five dollars? With Force Awakens on dvd next week, expect Star Wars mania to continue running wild, brother.

6. Married with Children #1– this is for convention flip idea #1. Find this classic tv tie-in comic in a dollar bin. The actress that played Peg Bundy does the convention circuit. Get her to autograph it have it witnessed by CBCS. Buy said actress a beer and have an awesome convention memory

7. Hulk #1 (Red Hulk Series) Wizard World LA Convention Variant. I am excited for Thunderbolt Ross in Civil War. Maybe we get Red Hulk, this is his first appearance and a rare convention variant $20-40

8. Amazing Spiderman #129 Wizard Ace Edition. The Punisher is the best part of Daredevil Season Two. I am sure the killing machine will get his own series on Netflix. This is a neat variant and I love the
chrome like cover, $10

9. Punisher Armory #1– just a fun book maybe it heats up or spikes with the Punisher becoming a household name again, maybe not $2-5

10. Mad Magazine #239– this is my favorite mad magazine of all time. Classic Mickey Mouse phone cover. This is on my want list and I am paying top dollar for it (top dollar within reason) but 1980’s Mad Magazines are #awesomesauce $10-20

11. Radioactive Man #711– this is the best movie promotional item of them all. the Simpsons movie did it right with turning 7-11’s into Quicky-Marts. Finding this comic in high grade is a pain in the butt and is not in the wild much $10-25

12. DC Comics Star Trek #1– The Star Trek cast will be out in force this convention season. Shanter will be at Boston Comic-con, Dallas Comic-con, and a few Wizard Worlds. Dallas has George, Bill and Michelle at the same show going back to flip idea #1 buy a nm copy of this classic comic or any cheap Star Trek comic, get autographs. Remember the lesson of Robocop that it takes money to make money. Get a photo with Shatner and enjoy the ride.

13. Rock & Roll Comics #9– (First) Modern Kiss appearance in comics $6-10. Kiss fans are big spenders, this is a cool comic and the series featured great bands bio comics done right. It is years before
Kiss the Psycho Circus #1, another gem, but not in the top twenty for now

14. Sesame Street Magazine #1– the classic magazine of Big Bird and my boy Cookie Monster. Tough for a high grade bronze magazine (and if we have any artists on the site I need something with Cookie Monster sketched)

15. Kiss Psycho Circus #1– Classic Kiss Comic series from the mid 90s. It is in dollar boxes for some reason, that is why I pop this issue on the wall for $5

16. DC Direct Currents #57– still need to see Superman vs Batman, but according to my eBay search this is the first appearance of Doomsday and pre dates man of steal #18 $20-30

17. Amazing Spider-man #135 Mead three ring binder– This is not a comic but the cover art of this binder is the classic #135 cover with panel art ont he back. Mead did a few of these binders $10 and up and #awesomesauce

18. Haunted Mansion #1 Theme Park Edition– Wow Mr. Mouse knows how to make the money. This is a limited variant of a hot series $30

19. Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen #133– Yes the heat is on Darksied. Everything that is awesome starts in this issue. First Jack Kirby at DC comics. Oversized issues from the 70’s are tough in high grade and this is a great cover

20. Arrow volume 1 #1 SDCC and NYCC editions. $10-20 way under vauled and low print run convention specials from 2013. The Heroes and Villains fest is the best convention for the money. All the cast of Arrow will be there for autographs. Great flip idea. The real reason is this is the first appearance of John Diggle in comics ever (pre-dates Green Arrow #24). John Diggle is Arrow’s version of Harley Quinn and I can see in time John Diggle becoming mad popular.

Once again thank you for everything. I love you guys.

If anyone has that Mad Magazine with the Mickey Mouse cover I am buying .

Before I go, if anyone is looking for some some part time work, and you are in the New York / New Jersey area, I am looking for a convention driver/helper. As I am trying to do more conventions again and in need of help please have Anthony get us in touch with one another

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4 Responses to Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 5

  1. TS says:

    Love those undervalued Direct Currents! If you are looking for the first appearance of most key Sesame Street characters the earliest I have found is the Marvel Comics Super Special 32.

  2. davidbitterbaum2015 says:

    Adam, it is funny you mention wondering about seeing a surprise, “Red Hulk,” appearance in the upcoming, “Civil War,” movie, as the thought had crossed my mind too. After all, if they want a Hulk in the film but the main one is off in the Thor flicks, it could work. Some say it is too far-fetched, and maybe it is, but I wonder…

  3. Harry says:

    Great job Bro! really love your specs!!!

    Keep it up and nuff said.

  4. Kiley Lyons says:

    Thanks so much for these lists. I love having stuff to look for! One additional note about the Hulk #1 variant is that it’s a Michael Turner cover! Just picked one up the other day for $10 from my LCS!

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