Variant Envy: Unbelievable GwenPool Pulp Comics / Paris Comics Expo Variant

Thanks to Alana for sharing this one.
Unbelievable Gwenpool Paris J. Scott Campbell Variant is pre-selling for upwards of $50 on eBay. 
IF you are looking to save a few dollars on this one, here is how you can do it.
They can be found here for about $31 ($22 +$9 shipping) they have over 200 in stock. The website is in French but you can easily checkout with PayPal without having to read French.
(If you are feeling uncomfortable, you could always use Google Translate to help figure out what it says.)
DrunkWooky just informed us that Pulp’s Comics is also selling these directly on eBay. They are currently $22.76 plus shipping they can be found here on Pulp's eBay page.

Hastings has a Gwenpool J. Scott Campbell Variant, worth looking at as well.

11 thoughts on “Variant Envy: Unbelievable GwenPool Pulp Comics / Paris Comics Expo Variant”

  1. In other countries, there are cheap versions of expensive American comics. Covers are similar and print runs are low but language, contents and time of publication are different. Foreign variants and key comics seem to be popular among ebay buyers.

  2. I went through the whole process and the original payment was $32… But after everything was said and done and they calculated overseas shipping it ended up costing $57 and change.

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