Marvel's Cloak and Dagger Greenlit for Disney Owned Freeform TV Channel

Marvel Comic’s characters Cloak and Dagger are heading to the Disney owned channel Freeform (formerly ABC Family). 
First appearing in Spectacular Spider-man #64, which is not easily approached in high grade, has been selling for $50 to $100 raw and has been selling for $275 in 9.6 graded had the exclusive.

Freeform is venturing into the Marvel universe.
The younger-skewing Disney-owned network has greenlit “Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger” with a straight-to-series order, Variety has exclusively learned.
Described as a superhero love story, “Cloak and Dagger” is based on the titular comic book duo (also known as Tandy Bowen and Tyrone Johnson) who have appeared in Marvel Comics classics, including “Spiderman” and “X-Men” stories.

thanks to Mel V. and Rick D. for sending me the reminders to post this.

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  1. Got this for free a few months ago every $10 spent at my LCS gets you a free $1 bin book. Weird to see people pay money for any spectacular Spider-Man book, meanwhile you have Marvel TV characters 1st comic appearances like Quake, Lash, Agent Phil who have been on an established show for 3 seasons signed for a fourth can all be found below $10 Phil is even in a few MCU movies. It took multiple seasons before Mockingbirds, and Agent Carters 1st appearances would bring in more then $20-$30 there’s not even a pilot written for cloak and dagger yet and people are paying crazy prices, I would suggest check your local stores back issue bins before paying a scalped price on this if you want this book. Despite if the show is good or not I can already see the waves of cosplay couples in the near future. I’m just wondering what other Marvel characters will be part of the show since the majority of any Cloack and Dagger appearances I’ve read deal with Xmen and Spider-Man both which are off limits to Marvel/Disney for tv rights.

    1. The difference is they made a staggering number of Lash, Quake, and Agent Couson first apperances, all of which you can find in dollar bins for days. Cloak, and Dagger have been hard to find for a good long while now, especially in high grade. More importantly, unlike Mockingbird who spent more time dead than alive in continuity, they’ve consistently been a part of Marvel comics, even if on the fringes. If you found a copy on the cheap good on you, but if you think the market has lost it’s mind, I’ll happily trade you 4 first Lashes for a single 1st Cloak and Dagger.

  2. If anyone has been looking for this semi-key give it about a month or two and you might be able to get a good deal. With news of the show there will probably more issues for sale than ever before and once the hype starts wearing thin there might even be a bit of a glut for a little while. I don’t see what is sounding more like a teen romance drama with comic overtones in it something that will cause a huge price spike…for long anyway. More of a gut feeling on my part and my gut has gotten bigger over the years.

  3. I’ve been eyeing this comic book for quite some time and all it’s done is gone up in value. Cloak and Dagger are fan favorites. I missed my mark when I should’ve gotten these a while back. They will continue to raise in price and if it drops, it won’t drop by much.

    1. Give it a month Daniel. When the hype of the show fades a bit. I do think you will be able to find one at a price that doesn’t hurt too much, especially in mid grade, if you don’t mind mid grade that is.. Also, keep looking around. Not everyone is keen on entertainment news and there is a good chance every now and then this book will be put up for sale at an “older” price. About six months ago on Ebay I found a DC Comics Presents # 26 in VF+ for $29. Even with all the hype of a teen titan show and with Cyborg appearing in upcoming movies. There are deal out there. No guarantees you will find them but for SSM #64 I think a few will show up once the dust settles a bit.

      1. Thanks ocguy27! We are a bit skimpy in regards to comic book stores where I live, so online is where I can do most of my hunting. It just makes it a little harder to find the deals.

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