Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 7

Blind Adam is a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind (90%). He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.

Thank you for reading and listening each and every week. thank you for your friendship, advice, encouragement, and for being my friends. Now lets make some money on some comics shall we

1. Amazing Spiderman Annual #15– this one has it all; the Punisher, Doc Ock, classic Frank Miller art, and a classic image of Spidey fighting Doc Ock $20

2. Ren and Stimpy #1 17th print– Ren and Stimpy is a piece of my childhood. I can always depend on this issue to perform in the market. It is a classic that was written by Dan Slot this is a rare book with a lower print then the first print $10

3. Amazing Spiderman #14 Wizard Ace Edition– reprints of hard to find golden age and silver age keys that are heating up. I do love the wizard ace editions with the almost plastic covers. $5-10. Reprints
first Green Goblin. New movies, please Sony or Marvel do another movie with the damn goblin, or Kraven or Mystrio

4. Flash #62– Mark Waid’s first work on the Flash. Not much spec play just love Waid’s run on the Flash. Flash issues do well on the convention floor $5-10

5. The Flash TV Special– going to give credit to Comicbook Invest true first for this one. This is a great flip idea for a signature series with John Wesley Ship who is doing conventions in force this summer $2-5

6. Chew #1 Larry’s Comics Variant– what is going on with the Chew t.v. show??? This series is near it’s end. A great issue and still a great spec play. Just hold as this variant was limited and in lower numbers. Larry puts out great variants

7. Rocko’s Modern Life #1– this was a great comic. I am sure a remake is upon us someday. Plus it is in dollar bins

8. The Simpsons #52– Adventure Comics #246 homage cover $2-5

9. Spiderman Death of the Stacey’s hardcover– reprints the drug issues plus the death of Captain Stacey and Gwen. Gwen is hot, and not just a hot girl, but a hot comic series. Gwen is awesomesauce this is out of print $20-50

10. Deathstroke (New 52 series) #4– Deathstroke vs Harley Quinn and it is cheap $5-10

11. Superman #293– not much spec play. just love this cover why is Superman holding back water ??

12. Batman #492 Platinum– this is a rare platinum edition. Knightfall, Bane, all the 90’s greats $30-60

13. He-Man Star Comics #1– Not the first He-Man but the first He-Man comic from Marvel’s star line $10

14. Isis #1– Black Adam movie on the way. Shazam #25 is hot but why no love for this comic?

15. Spiderman Black Cat The Evil That Men Do– not much spec play, but it is Kevin Smith Spiderman and Blackcat awesomeness. $5-10 there is an autographed edition of this as well $25

16. Rocky and Bullwinkle #1 (Marvel)- mid eighties kids comics from Marvel reek of awesomeness. Dollar box finds that might be on the rise, or not, but moose and squirrel are the bomb

17. Powers Color Special(Oni Press)- I wish powers was not only on the Playstation Network, like dvd or youtube would rule. This is a tough find and a great story. Also there is a great Powers fan film on you tube look it up $5-10

18. Rick and Morty #8 Jesse James comics variant– Jesse James comics is a great store in the Phoenix AZ area. They did this awesomesauce variant for the holiday issue of Rick and Morty #8 the holiday issue $25

Once again, thank you all for reading this. Check out my show on youtube. If anyone has a copy of the Kitchen Sink Mallrat’s book that came out in the ninety’s please let me know as I am paying $20 plus on it or any other rare Kevin Smith items.

Blind Adam out!


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7 Responses to Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 7

  1. Joe G says:

    Flash #62 isn’t Waid’s first Flash work, it’s at best third, following the TV Special and the Armageddon 2001 annual.

  2. Jesus says:

    I have done business with Jesse James Comics. Good store and a good place to find old Spawn AF. Found a nice 2004 series that I was looking for a while back.

  3. Edward Hoplock says:

    They do make Powers on dvd. Season 1 out now. Amazon, Target, Best Buy, or whichever retailer you prefer.

  4. A. King says:

    Did Ren and Stimpy #1 really have that many printings of the 1st issue 17, that is incredible. It makes me wonder how many printings Rick and Morty #1 will end up having.

  5. to anser a few questions. I am eighty percent blind. I have ben going blind since the age of 13. I use to read comics on a large screen t.v. reader that would inlarge the print . I now use a talking computer to read me comics . or a cos player or actress to read me comics . or the boards . I love this industry. this industry has given me a home and a family. I love you guys . blind adam out

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