Batman The Killing Joke Official Trailer

killing joke
Holy crap, this is going to be good. Looks like a very literal translation of the comic. The Batman Killing Joke trailer is online. 
Batman The Killing Joke is up for pre-order and will be released in July. I, personally, cannot wait.

9 thoughts on “Batman The Killing Joke Official Trailer”

  1. It looks Siiiiiiick. I don’t like the batman outfit, he looks to skinny. I just hope they make it better. I need to out in my pre order and grade my 1st print.

  2. Hey Anthony, do you know where to access print runs on the Killing Joke? There have quite a few reprints and I was wondering how many they made of each.

      1. Yeah, I figured it might be tough to find those numbers. I believe their are up to 11 printings of this not including the hardcover that came out not long ago.

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