Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 9

Blind Adam is a comic book dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind (90%). He has been contributing a fun list of hidden gems each week.

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. I wanted to say thank you for being my friends and for all the advice, encouragement, and support. Thank you for reading and for listening to my podcast on YouTube each and every week. I hope to see you at conventions during the spring and summer.
Now lets make the money

1. Rock and Roll Comics #21– some might feel this might be to soon, but r.i.p. Prince. This rocknroll comic was a Prince featured comic book $25 as of now and that is because I am putting it on the wall for that price. His Batman sound track is king as is Purple Rain

2. Chyna #1 Chaos Comics- does anyone besides me remember when Chaos Comics did a line of wrestling comics? Well I do and they were good. Once again maybe to soon. May Chyna also rest in peace as the 9th wonder of the world passed away and this might see some back issue action $10 max for now. Also, She Hulk xxx #1- like I said Chyna passed away last week. Chyna played She-Hulk in an adult movie spoof. The dvd came with an ashcan comic book, which is really cool and has great art. Low printed and only came with the dvd $80-125

3. Halle the Hooters Girl #1– I love hooters, the wings, the girls and the beer. Back in 1999 this comic was recalled and is a fun as heck and even has a gold variant $10-50

4. Flash #198 this is the second appearance of Zoom and the third appearance of Hunter and after last nights episode of the Flash vs Zoom, I believe Hunter’s zoom appearances will become white hot. Flash Secret Files #3 is his first and the already pricey. Flash #197 is $60 and up this should not be overlooked

5. Strange Tales from the Broken City– not much spec play, however it is cool story and features all the General Mills cereal dudes. $5-10

6. Justice League of America #113 (1987 series)- Max Lord is one of my favorite parts of Supergirl. This is a classic run on JLA. Blue Beatle and Booster Gold are the bomb this is the low printed final issue before Grant Morrison would work his magic $5

7. Batman Almost Got Im book and tape– yes this is Harley quinns first appearance ties with Batman Adventures #12. My question is why is this so damn cheap?  $80-150 compared to ba #12 if you can find Batman Adventures #12 raw anymore this is a steal at $80

8. Wizard Magazine Superman Memorial issue-  I don’t give a poop what you all say, Batman VS Superman was a great movie.  Doomsday was amazing and I believe we will see a lot of the Regin of Superman in the next movie.  This came out by wizard magazine after Superman #75 and is cheap $5-20

9. Wonder Woman #219– Death of Max Lord. I can this being done on the Supergirl show but with Supergirl replacing wonder woman $10

10. Woody Woodpecker #191according to this is a rare book. I love woody woodpecker and kids comics so I had to put on the list

11. Cracked Magazine #230– rare spoof of Bill Cosby and his show plus Elvis and the Monkeys in one magazine. Just fun with no real spec play and Cracked Magazine reeked of awesomness

12. Marvel and DC presents the Wizard of Oz Treasury Edition– this is a cool oversized comic from the 1970s. I love these books and this one does well at conventions for me. $20-40. Now if I only had a brain as this might be the first comic book of Wizard of Oz

13. Batman Adventures #7 polybaged edition with trading card. Yes, the Harley Quinn appearances are smoking hot. Yes, finding these books in nice shape is a challenge but this issue gets over looked. Penguin appearance, promo trading card for the animated series just fun memories $3-5

14. Classic Punisher #1–  reprints the origin of the Punisher from Marvel Premiere #2. Netflix reeks of awesomeness and the Punisher is not done with Netflix yet, solo series is coming $5-10

15. Supergirl #80 (1996)– Peter David series final issue. Classic Supergirl returns before Jeph Loeb brought her back in Superman Batman #8 and the final issues of this series. Issues #75-80 are extremely tough to find $5-10

16. Countdown to Infinite Crisis #1– Max caps Ted Kord’s butt and kills him. Sorry, I am on a Supergirl kick this week for DC books $5-10

17.  JSA Classified #1– Power Girl is coming to the Flash season 3.

Dear CW, please keep the boob window in the costume. I am sick of the player hate for Power Girls boob window. Just show it all the time, this book and any key Power Girl books will go up $5-10

18. All Star Comics #58– first Power Girl. I see big things for Power Girl in the future. Why her first appearance is not in triple digits yet, I have no clue. $50-75 on the #58

19. All Star Comics #69 and DC Superstars #17– (both comics came out the same day) The pre-crisis Huntress can be the CW’s way into Batman without doing Batman. Just use the Earth 2 daughter of Batman and Catwoman and call it a day $30-50 on the #69

20. Daredevil #500 Dynamic Forces John Romita Sr.variant– I am loving daredevil on Netflix. This is when Marvel went back to the legacy numbering. They should have stuck to that but #500 is the start of Shadowland and this is my favorite variant by my favorite artist and is autographed as well by John Romita Sr. $30

Doing a bonus hidden gem this week.
21. Batman #612 Second Print Dynamic Forces autographed by Jim Lee- I love this sketch cover of Jim Lee Batman Hush vs Superman and tough as hell to find in the wild $40-60

As always thank you for everything, I love you guys Blind Adam out


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6 Responses to Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 9

  1. TS says:

    Many owners of BA 12 will tell you that Almost Got ‘im! isn’t a comic so it doesn’t qualify as her first. They are wrong. The book itself is in a sequential art format and yes, it predates BA 12. The only negative is that she isn’t on the cover. Of all the links to the auctions you provide there is one thing I don’t see, a complete book and tape set. I wonder what that would sell for these days? Nice list as always.

  2. Rick Dunn says:

    I agree with you 100% about Power Girl and The Huntress. All-Star Comics #58 should be in the triple-digits and the boob window is iconic. And today’s announcement of Netflix’s Punisher series should impact early appearances.
    Another great list.

  3. Alana says:

    I wrote a write up earlier today about Punisher and Xmen that Anthony hasn’t posted yet. But get on Amazing Spider-Man #162, Xmen #130, Dazzler #1, Dazzler #29 They are really starting to move on eBay.

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