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Thanks to Alana for this. With news and a trailer confirming Punisher as a Netflix series, as well as a rumor of a cameo in X-Men Age of Apocolypse, there are some good cheap spec’s to be on the lookout for this weekend.   Let’s jump in:
One great low priced spec is Amazing Spider-Man #162 1st full appearance of Jigsaw. Can be found $10-$100 this book is 40 years old and if Jigsaw is part of the Netflix show this book will get hot. Also I read the month this book was printed Marvel changed their paper stock to a cheap paper they only used that month to test it out. So high grade ones may be a little harder to find.

Also today a photo showing a Dazzler Easter egg from Age of Apocalypse was released. Many spec Taylor Swift may make a Dazzler cameo as reports she was on set a couple days during filming. X-men #130 and Dazzler #1 are good pickups as well in a good price range like Amazing Spider-Man #162 $10-$100 range. If Taylor Swift does appear as Dazzler this could bring in a wave of Taylor Swift fans looking for these Dazzler books. So check those back issue bins this weekend.
Also to note the album cover Cyclops is holding is the cover of Dazzler #29 can be found in $1 bins.

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  1. I might add Dazzler #29, which is the actual cover by Bill Sienkewicz used on that album prop in the film. Dollar bin now….

  2. I know they’re hard to find in the wild, but Marvel Preview 2 can still be snagged at most LCSs or at auction in a midgrade for around a 50 spot, and it’s the Punisher origin story. Crazy under valued for what it is. It’s been climbing, but it’s still crazy low for how hard it is to come by. I see more copies of the first apperance than I do Previews. Those magazines just got destroyed by everyone that owned ’em.

  3. I’ve been looking for x-men 130 for the wife all day but no luck. The only place I found it had a non graded 7.0 for 129.99. Yeah way to much for such a low grade. But will keep looking since it’s for the wife lol.

    1. Ebay has some nice ungraded higher grade issues for a good price…as of this morning anyway. I bought a high grade copy for $50. Looks like a solid 9.0, maybe a little higher. Also saw a graded 8.0 with free shipping for $59. If Dazzler if in the movie as a cameo or is slated to have a large role in upcoming films it might be a good time to get it.

  4. Found a dazzler #1 &29 on the bay for $7 each with shipping and watching couple of 130s to see where they end up and might pull the trigger if not to high.

  5. If the Taylor Swift rumor pans out, wonder what a signature series Xmen #130, Dazzler #1,#29 signed by Taylor Swift would fetch? And who would buy it first a Comic collector or a Taylor Swift fan?

    1. I was thinking the same thing. I think a Swift fan would be more interested in that overall. Would be interesting to find out if she does play Dazzler and if the role turns out to be more than a cameo in future movies.

  6. Great article, Alana. Your comments in the Wednesday forum have always been insightful and thorough. Glad to see a whole article dedicated to your passion. Great job. Four thumbs up!

    1. Just picked up a Dazzler #1 VF+ from a trusted local comic dealer for $1, along with a New Mutants #25 (1st Legion).

  7. If I’m buyin Dazzler I would add Dazzler the Movie and Dazzler 38 ( especially if a concrete film gets done) to this list.

    1. Thanks Topher as always. Great stuff. Very funny that we would be even talking Dazzler but you never know where spec will take you.

  8. i am now buying full runs of dalzzer. but why taylor swift? Ashley simpson would have made a better dazzler. at least Ashley can act. and I would take a truckload of autographed x-men #130s as I can sell em to swift fans all day long . blind adam out

  9. News from Taylor Swift today saying she will not be in this movie. Xmen 130, Dazzler 1, Dazzler 29 still a good snag with the Easter egg in the movie though.

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