Free Comic Book Day Battle Plan: Funko Dorbz

I am going to tell you something completely against your instincts. Forget the free comics on FCBD. Skip over the 50 cent bins for a few minutes. Ignore the snacks or anything else your local comic shop is offering, and go for the Dorbz!
I know, this is counter intuitive to everything that one normally thinks, but this year is different. And as GI Joe says, Knowing is half the battle.
For the first time Funko is offering an exclusive FCBD vinyl figure, two actually. An Unmasked Captain America and an Unmasked Iron Man Dorbz. While they are Free Comic Book Day Exclusives, they are not free, they are exclusive though. These will cost you between $7.99 to $10 each. Funko fans are fanatics, I know, I am one.
The figures are already selling for $100 for a set or individually at auction for $50 for Cap and close to $30 for Iron Man.
These will be hard to find as stores may not order many and some stores none at all.

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