12 thoughts on “More Hot Topic Mystery Deadpool POPS!”

  1. These went up on their website at 9pm, I ordered mine about 40 minutes ago and they were still in stock.

  2. Checked online 8:30 EST, still in stock.
    Was going to grab one, but it’s $31 to ship to Canada. So almost $45USD. Decided to pass. 🙁 sad face.

  3. Here’s an exclusive for you Tony. I found several Chase Madcaps. They are slightly heavier than the other figures, enough so you can feel a difference when comparing. Also the chase boxes smell like paint/ lacquer. I used this method and found several at different stores. Can someone else confirm this or at least try it out at your store and vindicate me? Thanks!

    1. I grabed 3 in store and ordered 3 online and so far I’ve got 1 standard madcap and 2 stingrays. I definitely noticed the standard madcaps were heavier, but I don’t know about the chase version, I’m hoping I’ll get one when my online order shows up.

  4. Will never buy a funko pop again !!!! 6 Slapsticks and 1 stingray. I took them home and weighed them and Slapsticks are like 158grams, Stingrays are 162grams don’t know about Madcaps. Someone probably already weighed them in hot topic and took all the Madcaps. Way to go funko for not making them weigh the same FUNK U funko never again!!!!!

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