Mel V.'s Variant Picks of the Week for 5/18/16

What Up CHU Mel v here with another edition of Variants of the week …Very Light week this week which is a very good thing for my pockets. Hunting Variants is starting to get expensive.
Lets get into it 

Civil War II #0 Cover D Incentive Phil Noto Kamala Variant Cover (Road To Civil War II Tie-In) – Phil Noto, in my opinion, is a very underrated artist and this cover really sets a tone for Civil War 2 ..Kamala is looking very intense here ..lovely cover
Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion #3 Cover C Incentive Brian Crosby Variant Cover– Haunted Mansion variants are a great buy and keep, as they seem to do nothing but rise in the after market ..Get em and hold em

Superman American Alien #7 Cover B Incentive Jock Variant Cover – American Alien is a fantastic series as we all know, going to miss this series when its gone..but enough of that lets talk about how amazing this Jock variant looks and its doing some pretty good things in the aftermarket …Great Cover to a fantastic book..T shirt worthy..heating up in the aftermarket ..yea this EASILY is the COVER OF THE WEEK

9 thoughts on “Mel V.'s Variant Picks of the Week for 5/18/16”

  1. Yea thats insane…its things like that that make people question the variant market…Thank ya all for reading BTW
    Ya know that Jock may very well appear on Houdini variants in the future ..wasnt that many out there in my area

  2. I managed to pull all three of these today, two of them for cover (that’s why I bought them!). I found only one copy of the Jock variant and snapped it up for $15. I think I’ll hold onto it for a while. 🙂

  3. I nabbed the Civil War II #0 Noto variant for cover. The two shops I frequent didn’t get the Superman AA Jock cover.

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