Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider coming to Netflix?

Thanks to Emiliano B for the heads up.
Looks like some of Marvel’s Supernatural heroes Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider could be coming to Netflix.

From Moviecreedlive:

Netflix is one of the largest television series releasing platforms in the world. The platform has already taken over Marvel character series like ‘Daredevil’ and other hit series like ‘Orange is the New Black.’
We revealed that Marvel’s ‘Agent Carter’ series may be going to the platform after we also revealed that ABC had canceled the show. Now, we reveal that Netflix will be adding three more comic book characters to their line-up in the form of series.
Our sources have revealed that Blade, Ghost Rider, and Moon Knight are lined-up to join Netflix. It is believed that the series is currently on the table and Netflix are growing ever closer to approving and picking who they want to helm the projects or bring them to life.

11 thoughts on “Blade, Moon Knight, and Ghost Rider coming to Netflix?”

  1. Do we trust this site for information? I’ve read so many articles online that read like fan-fiction. No sources, just coming to a bunch of conclusions based on what we’ve seen so far… then they start quoting eachother, to produce a bunch of garbage articles littering the internet with misinformation. Oy. But I would love to see Marvel’s supernatural/horror characters get a Netflix deal. Blade especially has potential, since a lot of people still love those movies; myself included; even if his last series-outing didn’t have legs.

  2. I keep hearing rumors about Moon Knight popping up in the Marvel movies, on television, or via Netflix. I refuse to get my hopes up until I hear something concrete, because I just couldn’t stand to have my heart broken getting all excited to see one of my favorite heroes before learning it was a hoax. DON’T PLAY WITH MY EMOTIONS, INTERNET!

  3. Werewolf By Night, Brother Voodoo, Simon Garth Zombie, Scarecrow / Straw Man, Son Of Satan, Morbius… loads of Marvel horror characters they could use

  4. The article is credited to start from Latino Review however I don’t see the article anywhere on their page, just on spec sites. So most likely just a created rumor. I think Blade would still do well in Movies and make money don’t think they would be so quick to downgrade him to a television character.

  5. In Dr Strange news…
    Hot dispatch from the rumor mill – we were contacted by a source close to Doctor Strange with a character name for Mad Mikkelsen’s character. I was hoping that it would be “Kaecilius,” because that is what I had been telling all of you for awhile and – Boom – that was the name that we got.
    Who knows how on we were with the whole sub-atomic particles and general breakdown of how Doctor Strange plays out in the first and second acts, but knowing that Kaecilius and his followers show up in the film from this report and the trailer, I’m feeling pretty good about the direction Doctor Strange is moving in.
    Of course, the new question is how much will this Kaecilius have in common with the comic book version of Kaecilius who is a disciple of Mordo (Chiwetel Ejiofor’s character). Not a lot about Mordo has been officially revealed, »
    Taking From IMDb credited to Latino Review as well lol
    If this is right Kaecilius first appearance is Strange Tales #130 it’s that Beatles appearance issue. This also means that the main Villain is in no way revealed in trailers yet, as Kaecilius and Mordo both appear to be good guys that will be perhaps turned evil by the end of the movie.

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