Wednesday Winner: Superman Lois and Clark #8

Not hard to guess which book carried Wednesday. Superman Lois and Clark #8 takes the honor this week.

The book sold out early on all the big online shops. It was selling for up to $14 last night and is selling well at $10+ this week. Larry of mentioned that the book was originally solicited with a different, less desirable cover, and switched to the “Norman Rockwell-like” cover when shipped. Stores may not have ordered heavily on it as a result.

With Rebirth happening now, and the introduction of Superboy to the New DC Universe, the book where he gains his powers an dons a cape could be key.

There are currently 79 listings for the book, so if you missed out, you can grab copies of Superman Lois and Clark #8 on eBay.


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15 Responses to Wednesday Winner: Superman Lois and Clark #8

  1. Jesus says:

    Yeah I missed out. Been at work all day and didn’t get off till 9. It was one of them 16hr days lol. Going to call some LCS tomorrow morning to see if I can find one, if not ebay here I come lol

  2. Jay says:

    Lucky enough to grab 2 in NM, saving one copy and the other holding till super sons it least, can you imagine if there was a variant?

    Also scooped up issue 1 and Conv 2

    Im all in on John Kent

  3. Izzo says:

    I wonder how much staying power it’ll have or if it’ll just be another book in a few weeks time.

    • Anthony says:

      It remains to be seen. I got three copies I plan on selling two keeping one

    • jl says:

      Superboy has some early adventures with Superman in Superman 1 plus he’s in Super Sons his own comic and I think he’s going to appear in Action early on. Unless they kill him off I don’t think he’s going anywhere any time soon. I’m focusing on Convergence 2 and Lois Clark 1 primarily.

  4. Shines says:

    This is probably the most interesting take on Superboy since the original. No clones, etc. Just an appealing kid, with parents of extraordinary values & integrity. I like it a lot.
    I also think that the public in general believes Superboy is Superman’s son anyway ( and probably Robin. Is Batman’s too) so DC is aligning with that version? Like they did with Batgirl & Supergirl, Barry Allen? Or am I giving the company too much credit? Yeah, I am probably.

  5. Giuseppe Cucuzza says:

    go hastings had them as of last night

    • jl says:

      if you don’t mind copies with bends and spine creases….they might be a place to get them. I ordered Superman Batman 32 from them…ordered 5 copies and only got 1 without bag or back and in a thing cardboard mailer that was creased from shipping.

      • Giuseppe Cucuzza says:

        yeah i have had good experinces ( i was able to buy TWD 90-115 for cover prices (well after release dates) and came perfectly shipped ) then i bought random issues here and there and they came as stated above no bags sandwiched between boards. I realized the bigger the order the better they came shipped.

        That being said they still have em at cover price, 1-8

      • emiobeg says:

        I have had the same experience ordering from them in the past, but sometimes is the last resort I have. What pisses me of is receiving a cardboard mailer with no tape to secure the content.

  6. jl says:

    I just don’t like hastings policy of filling orders from multiple addresses…I received 5 comics from 3 stores a few months ago.

  7. Victor says:

    1st Jon Kent as Superboy??? The last page is pushing it.

  8. brennan says:

    Was able to grab two of these today (sunday) at cover.

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