Batman #1 Rebirth Spoilers. Duke Thomas is who know?

It had widely been speculated that Robin Duke Thomas would become “the Robin”. But it appears that he is more than that. Check out the spoilers below.  
If you haven’t picked up Batman Rebirth #1 there is still time. This could be a key issue of a new character.

Thanks to Poyo for the heads up. 

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  1. Sorry for the crappy pictures, Anthony made me walk all the way back out to my car to snap them for him. Horrible working conditions and he doesn’t even offer a decent benefits package..

    1. The dental is worth it. I mean that if you don’t get me the damn pictures you will be missing teeth. Hard to send a punch through the mail but I can rig some Joker type contraption to make it happen. Lol.

  2. I just realized, we were so certain that he would become THE robin, not just A robin, because of futures end…..but that future wont actually come to be because Terry defeated Brother Eye….
    I think I like this better!

  3. So now we know duke aint robbin is it still worth picking up? People think this is new 52 batman 1 value but its not

    1. I think it’s worth it. It’s definitely a new character to be introduced, not just another Robin.

    2. why wouldn’t it be…the whole Robin thing has been done so many times it’s probably a good thing they’re taking Duke in a different direction.

      1. hopefully they ditch the name Lark…wasn’t that the Penguin’s Chauffer’s name? Driving Mr. Batman if they’re going that route.

  4. So let me ask u this they already announced 2nd prints fo all the rebirts today so whats more valuable? the low rund or a secone print? Or a first print copy?

  5. At the end of We Are Robin 12, I believe it says that Duke’s story would continue in Batman and All-star Batman. With this character being used in multiple Bat books, I think he has a lot of potential. He’s an interesting character, and the story of his parents opens the door for more plot lines. I’m going to bet that Batman 21 and Batman Rebirth will be key issues for Duke.

    1. We Are Robin 1 1/25 should gain some heat….Batman 21 is way undervalued at $8-$9 since it’s his 1st appearance.

      1. Love the We are Robin variants. I’m very curious what the 1:25 will go for in the future. It’s kind of a weird series from a spec viewpoint, as it’s Duke Thomas’s first ongoing, but it’s not necessarily the first of him as a major “hero.” Becoming increasingly hard to find for less than 20 though. Noticed all the major online stores sold out quietly about a month ago.

      2. Whats worth getting a 2nd or 3rd print of a comic since its low print? Or a 1st print comic with a massive print? Cause im thinking maybe wait and buy these 2nd or 3rd print comics of rebirth, but only if they have a new cover?

  6. So batman #21 should see a nice bump. Also he doesn’t actually become the new character in this issue though right ?

  7. See Jay, and you thought I was crazy for grabbing 3 copies lol. Like some of you said it won’t have new 52 value but if the character keeps getting heat, this will be a key issue.

      1. Helps in the same way the missus does constantly reminding me that I’m running late again …….

  8. Oh oh! ?Someone did not send all the pictures in, looking at you Poyo. LOL ???. I guess that dental plan is going to come into use after all LOL????

  9. Haha well the only prob with this is there no shortage of it, so that hurts it.
    Whats the deal with we are robin 1/25 variant is that worth getting? Cause its got nothing to do with this costume or his first app

  10. Superman Rebirth is one i’m glad I didn’t order heavy on…no Superboy appearance at all. Though Lana did show some signs of getting hit with the Super Juice.

  11. Was going to pass on these and just wait for the new Batman #1, but I rushed out to buy these today when I found out it wasn’t Robin but a new character, even with the high print run doesn’t really matter it’s Batman. I didn’t think the New 52 Batman #1 would be going for what it is today passed on those when they came out ? and that had a print run of 180k. Can’t make that mistake again, at cover price these are a safe bet.

  12. So now that most of us missed out on Michael Turner Batman 1 Variant. Is there a second clear cut variant we should go after before we lose out on that also ?

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