This months Blind Box Variant for $8.99 plus shipping!


Blind Box Comics is the monthly subscription service where you can order a variant, four randomly inserted comics, or a combination of the two for a low monthly price. This month, new subscribers can get the Blind Box Variant for $8.99

This months variant is 4 Kids Walk into a Bank Variant. The variant is a homage to the classic Orson Welles heist flick “Touch of Evil”. 

But here is the deal. You can get the 4KWIAB Variant for $8.99, less than cover price (plus shipping though, $4) if you use the following code : 4OFF4KIDS

You can check it out here

You can also use the previous code 10BOX1 for any Blind Box Plus subscription or reoccurring subscription.  
These codes only work for the first month only. Following months will be billed at normal prices. 



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10 Responses to This months Blind Box Variant for $8.99 plus shipping!

  1. Michael Russell says:

    Code is not working.

  2. says:

    The code didn’t work for me. 😦



  3. Philippe Brault says:

    Too bad they dont ship to Canada :/

  4. Eric Miller says:

    i never ordered before… what does “regular monthly releases specifically curated for Blindbox” mean? is it just regular comics I can get on the shelf?

    • Anthony says:

      Yes. Four randomly selected comics.

    • NotJon says:

      They pick books that are coming out each month, generally C and B list heroes from the big 2, or Indy books, that they feel have merit. You get a break down of why each title is rad on a piece of paper, as well as an explanation for the variant that month. It’s a pretty solid service, and I’ve enjoyed the subscription a lot. I honestly feel like the box is the way to go. They randomly insert all of their 1:X variants for the titles they ship in as well as “Blind Bonuses”, and I’ve yet to get a title I’ve truly hated.

  5. Anthony says:

    The post has now been updated. The code stopped working / wasn’t supposed to work for the Variant alone. They have extended a $4 code now.

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