Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems vol. 13

Greetings my Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Thank you for stoping by and saying hello at conventions. The next one is June 11th at the Columbia High School in Maplewood New Jersey, Cougarcon. Let’s make some money on some comics shall we?

1. Green Lantern New 52 #0 – 1st Simon Baz. It is nice to see Simon make his come back. He was forgotten and disrespected. So in Rebirth he can finally be a Green Lantern, sort of. $3-5

2. Green Lantern New 52 #20– first Jessica Cruz. Yes, yes, yes. I just finished reading Green Lantern Rebirth #1 but I can see Jessica becoming the next big thing in Green Lantern history. Jessica ‘Power Ring’ Cruz will become a cos play all star and you can’t teach that. Find this issue and hold it $5

3. Comics Buyers Guide #547 – has the first advertisment for TMNT #1. Ties with Gobbledygook for first TMNT image. This is a must for TMNT fans nuff said

4. Spawn #62 – early Angela appearance. Maybe her second appearance in
Spawn, not counting the mini series. I believe Marvel has big plans for
Angela on the screen. $5-10

5. Team Youngblood #21 dollar box awesomeness. Youngblood book Angela appearance

6. Youngblood (1996 series) #7 another cheap Angela appearance dollar box $3 at most

7. Forever People #5 (first series) – 1st mention of the anti-life equation. Darkside stuff is hot Steppenwolf will be a movie star and this is the first time the anit-life equation was mentioned $20

8. Martian Manhunter #33 – origin of the anti-life equation on Mars. This Martian Manhunter series is undervalued but so damn awesome $1-3

9. Amazing Spiderman #203 – third appearance of Dazzler. So where was that Taylor Swift Dazzler cameo people? It was deleted. Yes Taylor didn’t play dazzler, thank god, for that and Ashley Simpson would and will make the perfect Dazzler. Word to Big Bird.

10. Back to the Future #1 Wizard World Philly 2016 convention edition – I believe this Wizard World convention edition will be limited and most of them will be used for the Michal j. Fox autographing so if you see em grab em

11. Batman Adventures #12 Orlando Mega-con and Dallas Comic Con holofoil editions when doing an eBay search on megacon variants, nothing came up for Batman Adventures #12 or the foil edition. Might be sold out but with a $20-30 buy in I say go for it

12. Iron Man #277 – this is a cheap Black Widow 2 story. Nothing all that special just Black Widow awesomeness, $1-5. Plus it is a solo Black Widow story. Marvel films will do a solo Widow story at some point

13. Trouble #1 – Aunt May Parker before she was Aunt May. Mark Millar is the king of comics, testify. I love his Spider-man work and this is an interesting story $3-5

14. Glory Angela #1 – whatever happened to Glory? An another obscure Angela appearance from her Image days $1-5

15. She-Hulk #8– Dan Slot had a killer run on She-Hulk. This is the rare Civil War tie-in issue. Go after the second print as it is tougher to find $10-25

16. Web of Spider-Man #24 is known but in Web #24 Spidey’s web line is snapped off a building by a mystery man or woman and this is the second pre-ASM #300 appearance of Venom $4-10

17. Amazing Spiderman #360 – Carnage is a fan favorite #361-363 are cash cows but answer me this, why is #360 so damn cheap? It is the first carnage the same way Incredible Hulk #180 is the first Wolverine
testify $5-10

18. Incredible Hulk #182 – this is the second appearance of Wolverine, and compared to #180-181, this is damn cheap in the $80-100 range. This book gets no love w.t.f.

19. Uncanny X-Men #319 – Psylock and Archangel Warren start their romance X-Men movies always mess up in the third movie but I did love
Oliva Munn as Psylocke $3-5

20. All-Star Superman #3 – First modern age Lois Lane as SuperWoman. I am excited to see the Lois Lane as SuperWoman book. She will become a cosplay all star. All Star Superman is a classic story (and dvd) and this is a cheap buy-in at $3-5.

Just to be safe I will credit some of this to the guys at CBSI. I did read a few things on that awesome site the other day just can’t remember what .

Once again thank you for everything. I love you guys.
blind adam out


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18 Responses to Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems vol. 13

  1. Jay says:

    Just grabbed both sketch versions of Green Lantern 0 and 20 , $40 for the pair, pretty good when just issue 20 by it self is $100 on ebay 😉

    • ocguy72 says:

      Yeah that sketch copy of GL #20 may be a huge future book! Got it for $20 a few months ago. Never know with newer books and characters but I think she is going to be a good one!

  2. TS says:

    A couple things…Angela’s second is in Spawn 29, I think it’s Comic Buyer’s Guide 545 is the one you want but I could be wrong, ASM 359 has the cover to 361 published after the letters and WOS 24 is the second Venom if you are into that sorta thing.

  3. Jesus says:

    Great list. Going for those venom and carnage books.

  4. Harry says:

    What can I say your a Smacktalker Skywalker

  5. ocguy72 says:

    Agree with Hulk 182! With wolverine arguably in the top three fan favorite list of characters for the past twenty plus years now I would think this one would go for a little more. It isn’t cheap but it isn’t out of reach either. Wolverine fans probably should pick this up if they don’t have it yet.

    • Alana says:

      My #182 was pretty much free with my #181 when I picked it up 8 years ago I think I paid $160 for the pair back then. The 181 is beat I’d call it a 2.0 but has value stamp intact most important thing with that book.

      • ocguy72 says:

        Looking at realized sales you can still get a beat up 182 for about $30. Pretty low for such an established, popular character! Just look at third appearances of other characters who are just as popular..Of course many other variables factor into those higher prices but I still think hulk 182 is undervalued. By the way, any complete Hulk 181 is awesome no matter the condition!… That’s how far that book has come!
        even those missing the stamp get bought up for pretty high prices!

  6. Alana says:

    Let’s say Angela shows up in Thor 3 in the Grandmaster’s contest of champions/planet Hulk part. Can we then start a petition to Mcfarlane to let Spawn join the MCU movieverse for Infinity 1 and 2. I would give him however much money he wants to have Spawn side by side with Spidey, Angela and the Avengers and spin it into some great solo Spawn flicks afterwards.(Spawn reboot is so needed God please!)

  7. Jesus says:

    From what I’ve read a while back, is that they are doing a reboot of Spawn. Spawn is the whole reason why I got into comics.

    • Cody says:

      I heard the reboot was gonna be more horror genre type with less cg. Around the same time I heard that there was Haunt movie rumors too. But that’s been up in the air for a few years now.

  8. Dan says:

    Dude I love your lists, but edit this stuff first.

    The venom reference was Web of Spider-Man 24, not 27.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. David Bitterbaum says:

    Adam, you asked what happened to Glory. I kinda recall she had a mini-series some years ago that was illustrated gorgeously by Sophie Campbell and had a decent story I have now forgotten. That art was mad-good though.

  10. Alana says:

    Breaking news: Lego set confirms Shuma Gorath as villain for Dr. Strange

  11. Jay says:

    Only correction is Simon Baz 1st app is FCBD not Green Lantern 0. If Watchmens 1st app can be recognized as a preview page then so can Simon Baz. I have not seen a CGC of FCBD to say that the market has recognized it, but I have seen a CGC of Green Lantern 0 and it does nor say First App, which makes me believe FCBD is the winner.

  12. Gabriel Cruz says:

    Awesome list, but heads up, I’ve been Jessica Cruz snce Day1 (We Share LAST NAMES)
    She was only “mentioned” in Green Lantern #20. She didn’t make her 1st apperance till Justice League 30. About three months ago, I went and picked all the LCS of all there copies of both issues. 🙂 Thank you again for this list though!

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