One to Watch: Rebirth Edition Part 2 Green Arrow Rebirth #1

So in my haste to get the Rebirth post up last night I forgot to add in Green Arrow Rebirth #1. This one is a bit all over the place but it appears to be picking up steam.

Again, the regular cover appears to be the one you want on Green Arrow Rebirth #1. Copies are being listed into the $20 range. One seller who has them listed for $21, has sold 10 copies at that price. Recently closed have been from anywhere in the $4-$21 range, with a lot of activity on 6/6/16.

Again, worth looking out for. This has also sold out and is going back for a second printing.


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25 Responses to One to Watch: Rebirth Edition Part 2 Green Arrow Rebirth #1

  1. Simon Payne says:

    its a great time to be flipping book 🙂
    Rebirth has been not only great reads but best flips in ages

  2. Jay says:

    Omg just saw NewsRama give a preview to Wonder Woman Rebirth 1 and The Art Looks Horrible, Diana looks like a She-Male in the worst way possible, And this is suppose to be Sold Out? They can keep it with Art like this. Damn It, Bring Back Jason Fabok!

    • Jay says:

      Wells thats my question always, do u for the 2nd or 3rd print if they have a completely different cover or do u go for the. Regardless cause of a low print? Cause i know most people only like 1st print

      • aeonblue78 says:

        Well if its a lower print run, wouldnt hurt to have a copy or two.

      • agentpoyo says:

        A lot love 1st prints. 2nd, 3rd and beyond prints seem to fair better if they have alternate covers + lower print runs. It just all depends on what people are buying, which is just demand and in most cases, demand is hard to predict. Print runs only assist in overall value. If the demand is high and the print run is low, then the value can skyrocket due to supplies. Then you can have a one of a kind, but if no one wants it.. then it’s worthless..

        2nd prints and beyond usually fair good when the demand goes up as the print runs are smaller so they are limited on supply.

  3. Dltmatt says:

    If you actually look at the ones sold buy the $21 guy, none have actually sold at that price, some for $9 some for $14, he just keeps upping the price the more sell. Seen the same seller do the same with captain America issue. Def a $12-14 book though. Thanks for the write up!

  4. Derek S says:

    Does anyone know if there is anything significant in this issue (first appearance, etc?) or is it just based on being a #1 issue?

    • Anthony says:

      I haven’t read it yet. Picking up copies tonight.

      • Jay says:

        What is this in regards to justice league dark 1? Its there first app, so worthy of a buy?

      • Anthony says:

        It is neither the first appearance of the individual characters or of the team.they need an appearance as a group somewhere else before. However when people are looking for a movie related thing they usually go to the first book with that name. And that is the drawl of Justice league dark number one.

  5. Jesus says:

    I guess I need to buy more of these rebirth books lol. I haven’t flipped any books since March so this might be my comeback.

  6. Matt Hooten says:

    I plan on picking up all the rebirth titles for a $1 each when they appear in abundance at my local half price book stores.

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