Wedneday Winner: Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Artgerm Variant

It is nice to walk into stores and pick up your comics on Wednesday night. It is even nicer when some of the books you picked up can be sold for multiple times cover price by the end of the day. Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Artgerm Variant is one of them.

Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Artgerm Variant is selling for up to $14 already. Rebirth, in general, has been spec gold, with most of the comics released already selling for over cover price. Recently closed sales of Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Artgerm Variant are showing most of the cheap buy-it-now’s are long gone and the price has creeped up to $7.99 and then higher.


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28 Responses to Wedneday Winner: Wonder Woman Rebirth #1 Artgerm Variant

  1. Jay says:

    Ive so far bought a copy of all the rebirths for my own collection, but I was lucky enough to be the first to walk into my store and pick the only 2 wonder woman variants. Honestly out of all of them this one seems to be the winner so far

  2. James says:

    First Store I went to was very limited, 1 per customer and they only had Flash and Wonder Woman both cover A’s. Second store I went to didn’t have a single rebirth book, they were all stashed for pullbox customers. Third store I went to had them all. Picked up 2 Flash, 2 Aquaman and 2 Wonder Woman cover A and 3 cover B. I’m happy!

  3. CaptnBeans says:

    Picked up 8 Artgerm variants today. Selling 5 and keeping 3.

    • Jay says:

      I got 2 Variants WW and one regular, I honestly like the regular better so im gonna sale the 2 variants especially since there in demand. Im just having a hard time deciding what to do on ebay, sometimes i feel like undercutting just to sale these bad boys, but then i feel like If i dont it wont sale, anybody feel that way?

  4. Steve says:

    Was able to get two but with slight pink on both covers. All the copies had some that I saw, I went through like 20 books.

    Did anyone get any with no pink?

  5. Sally Pesto says:

    I pre-ordered plenty months ago. I figured it would be a hit. Artgerm is on the rise.

  6. JT says:

    Got multiples of this and some Normans. Didn’t see any Stan Silas covers though just the Roman Dirge A cover. Anyone know if cover B is actually an incentive cover? Multiple shops didn’t have any.

    • Anthony says:

      Sounds like the orders got split up and only the Roman Dirge got shipped this week. It’s the same all over.

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  7. Joshua Masters says:

    My sub back ordered mine. Got to the LCS about 10-15 minutes after they opened, stack of WW Artgerms (probably because of the pink rub), All the Flash were gone. NO love for Aquaman; 2 giant stacks, no Action’s and no Albuquerque Detective’s.

    Was shopping around Tfaw’s website today and Batman #1’s, Flash #1’s, and the Superman #1 B cover all seem to sold out and unavailable for pre-order.

  8. Alana says:

    You might need to change the Wednesday winner to Flash Rebirth sales hitting $20

  9. emiobeg says:

    I will need to stack up with more Flash if they are hitting the $20 range. Is it only the reg cover that’s hot? I don’t really care for the Flash variant 👎

  10. Jay says:

    Honestly if i cant profit it least $5 its not worth it. Im not a business dont have 50 copies of each , i need it least $5 to make it worth while for all the leg work

    • That’s a risk of speculation. The obvious hope is that the $7.99 will continue to creep up as the number of copies available dwindles. If the going-price ends up at $15-$20 minimum, then it’s worth it. But at that point, it’s too late to buy-in at cover price (unless you get lucky somewhere), so the time to talk, debate, & buy is now; before it really gets going. It can be agonizing. The hardest part is deciding when a book has peaked; when it’s the best time to sell, knowing it’s not going to go up further; and if you wait too long it could take a nose-dive.

  11. jl says:

    I’d say most of these Rebirth issues will be a slow burn….there’s some people starting to panic and lowballing but that always happens. Nice thing about the ones out now are they’re #1 and not #0. Something buzz killing about a #0.

    • Anthony says:

      The problem with the 0 issues in new 52 is they came late in the series.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Yeah, it’s like Civil War II #0 compared to #1.. more people will seek the #1 before the #0. I never understood doing an issue at 0.. just start at 1..

      I also usually never pick up issues that have a decimal point in the number.. that just drives me nuts and most of the time it’s story lines outside of the main story line.

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