Houdini Variants, the Bastard Sons of Under Ordered Books #3

What Up CHU, Mel V back again with the third edition of Houdini Variants, We have some nice looking books on this edition, we even have a regular cover that is so hard to find i’m putting a summer time APB out for all the fans that read this. Lets jump right into it:
Faust Love of the Damned Act 12 –Estimated print run 2000 – Never heard of Tim Vigil’s Faust? Put the wife and kids to bed and let me tell you the story of John Jaspers and the pact he made with the Devil to get revenge on the ones who slighted him. This book came out in the late 80’s and I remember I had to get my dad to buy Issue 3 for me. It took them 25 years to complete the 15 issue run. Issue 12 is virtually impossible to find in the wild and only pops up on Ebay once every couple of months… APB, If anyone happens to find one please let me know how much you want for it. Be warned this book is VERY VERY graphic. (editors note: I was looking for issue 12 for Mel at Wizard World Philly. Larry from Larry’s Comics was teasing me so hard about looking for this “adult” book for Mel.)
venom 9 variant detail
Venom #9 Regular and Venom #9 Variant – Estimated Regular 32,506 – Variant 650 – On 1 hand the regular cover pops up frequently on eBay and is a beautiful #blackcoversmatter candidate but it’s a tough one to 9.8 due to the flimsy paper the cover it was printed on. The Variant is a super cool cover swipe to Wolverine Origins and, with any Variant, its a lot harder to find..currently only 1 on eBay as of right now
Salvation Run #7 Variant estimated print run 2800- Credit goes to Jason S. over at CBSI, that’s where I first saw this cover last year. I fell in love with it and it deserves to be talked about again. Neil Adams really hit the ball out the park with this one. This book is so hard to find in the wild and hardly ever appears on eBay. If ya find one hold on to it, heck even have Mr Adams sign it. This is a legendary cover
Superman Lee
Superman American Alien #4 Jae Lee Variant – Super man American Alien was a hit this year and IMO it really helped spark the transition of some Marvel fans over to DC ,I was attempting to put together a set of the Variants and Issue 4 was by far the toughest one to find and is also one of the best looking ..Its roughly about 4 on Ebay now..last sale was May 24 th 2016 ..This one could be a keeper and sought after later down the line

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  1. That joker cover looks sweet. Going to try and look for that one this weekend since I finally have a weekend off after 3 weeks of hard labor lol

  2. Good Read! Always looking forward for the new Houdinin Variants to look out for. Thanks for putting the work in to make these articles happen.

  3. Thank you all for reading ..Yea That Salvation run I gotta believe that print run is not as high as reported..that damn thing hard to find..that Faust 12 tho

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