Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 14

Greetings to my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce family. Blind Adam is back, jack. I would like to say thank you to everyone for reading this each week, for anyone who came out to Maplewood New Jersey to Cougar Con last weekend. Thank you all so much for making a blind man’s dreams come true. On a side note, if anyone is going to San Diego Comic Con and has a room, and wouldn’t mind splitting the cost let me know in the comments. Anyway, lets make some money on some comics.
1. Marvels Greatest Comics #39– this reprints Fantastic Four #52 the first Black Panther which is so cheap on this reprint, with a guide price of $7.
2. Marvels Greatest Comics #40– this reprints Fantastic Four #53, second Black Panther and first Claw. Really cheap reprints compared to, say, Avengers reprints in Marvel Super Heroes $5
3. Marvels Greatest Comics #50– noticing a trend here? This one reprints Fantastic Four #67, first appearance of Him (Adam Warlock). With all the Her talk, is it really out of the question that Him would appear? Copies at $1.60 and up
4. Superman Volume 2 #4 – first Maggie Sawyer. Maggie will be in Supergirl Season Two. Maggie could have easily been in Gotham as she was a member of Gotham Central as well, but I am interested to see how they do this Top Cop in the show $2-5
5. Justice League of America #193 – All Star Squadron debuts in this issue, first full appearance in All Star Squadron #1. Just a classic team, under rated both in price and in prestige in comic book history. Let’s correct this mistake $5
6. All Star Squadron #67 – final issue of All Star Squadron. Low print run and only appearance of the golden age Aquaman in this series. Aquaman is rumored to appear on season three of the Flash $5-10
7. Amazing Spiderman #197 – I love this Kingpin cover. Kingpin standing over Spiderman’s body ready to crush him. This issue is a key. As it is, the last silver age Kingpin before Frank Miller made him a Daredevil villain $20
8. GI Joe #212 IDW Emerald City Comic Con Variant – this is a touching tribute to the Hot Rod, Roddy Piper. This cover should be on everyone’s radar as it is freaking Hot Rod, brother $20-35
9. The Chair #1 – this comic adapts the final movie Roddy Piper stared in. Roddy passed last year and the movie came out in 2016, I believe. Low print and all that jazz $10
10. DC Universe Rebirth #1 2nd print– this cover expands upon Dr. Manhattan stretching out his hands. Out this week. This will be snatched up fast. It is already sold out and going to a third print.
11. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #1 (IDW) Blank Cover Variant – this is a tough blank variant from Detroit Fanfare with those movie stars, aka the Turtles. I now have an idea, I now need a TMNT #1 IDW blank and an artist willing to draw the real April O’Neil. There is a glossy cover and a matte cover for this one. First print is glossy and second print is matte. $20-30
12. Detective Comics #259 – I loved Batman Rebirth. I loved how they used Calendar Man. Tom King must have big plans for him. This is his first appearance just snag the grad you can afford and hold for now $20 and up
13. Black Canary #12 (New 52) – yes this came out last week. I can see it being sought after for it being a low printed issue of a popular female character who is still going to be on t.v. in the Flash season three $3
14. What if Volume 1 #31 – what if Wolverine killed the Hulk? Logan kills the Hulk in Old Man Logan however he killed the hulk in this classic What If? story as well $25
15. Superman vs Muhammad Ali –  to the great one rest in peace.  Two weeks ago we lost one of the greatest legends of boxing and sports entertainment we ever had. He did it all boxing, wrestling, and even gave the man of steal a butt kicking. Drawn by Neal Adams and sports a classic cover. $60-125. There is hardcover of this which is awesome  at $20
16. Ren and Stimpy Ashcan – Not sure of the issue of Wizard Magazine this came in but it is a cool Ren and Stimpy comic that I would pay $3-5 for
17. Kick Ass 2 #6 Cosplay Variant – The real star of Kick Ass is called Hitgirl $10-20
18. Brightest Day #4 – I know this was covered elsewhere. Aquman is at long last getting the respect he deserves. After all,  good old Arthur is the freaking king of the seas and was disrespected for way to long. Some of the jokes about him only being able to talk to fish is funny. Plus this take on Aqualad is interesting and Rebirth brought him back $4-10
19. Adventure Comics #269 – speaking of Aqualad Garth made his first appearance in this silver age classic.  Just buy the grade you can afford and then flip and upgrade
20. Ghostbusters TMNT #1 – this is a cool concept from IDW.  This has a Hastings variant that might be worth the hunt.  I love TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows. Maybe if I have a beer before seeing this new Ghostbusters movie it might be great. Don’t know, but this is a cheap find
once again thank you for reading.
blind adam out

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  1. Great list. I’ve been hunting down a what if? #31 for a while now. Trying to get it at a good price, so that’s why I am still hunting lol

  2. Just thought I’d mention this;
    I’ve been meaning to order a hastings store variant of Batman #1. I’ve been putting it off, but decided to finally go pre-order one for the PC. It’s a nice cover with Batman, Harley, Ivy, and Catwoman. It appears they are no longer taking pre-orders for the color copy. I was still able to get a B/W. Any idea how many copies Hastings usually gets? Are they like other stores usually the 3000/1500 copies? I was kind of surprised to see this “sold out”.

      1. Yeah…. went that route for my color copy. There’s a Hastings locally, but it is all the way across town. 20-30 miles away. I think I put off ordering because I was toying with the idea of dropping in. Getting to pick a good copy and not crossing my fingers and waiting on USPS. Anyway, lesson learned. A lot on ebay are almost x2 what hastings was charging.

      2. And who knows, maybe they were only pre selling a chunk of their total online? Maybe there will be plenty in store.

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