Variant Envy: Amazing Spider-Man 15 J. Scott Campbell Exclusives 

Thanks to Tyson B. from for tipping me off to this one (via Bleeding Cool)

J Scott Campbell has a couple of Variants up for grabs on his store. Amazing Spider-Man 15 featuring Mary Jane in the Iron Spider Costume. I am sure these will fly fast. If you are a JSC fan, I am sure you will want to pick them up. The unsigned color copy are $18. Looks like you can only order the Black and White as part of a set for $36. Shipping in the US is $7 so add that in to account. 


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13 Responses to Variant Envy: Amazing Spider-Man 15 J. Scott Campbell Exclusives 

  1. Haut Kjojourn says:

    why does he just keep releasing the same beat-face girl?

    • Anthony says:

      Because that is what he can draw.

    • the people says:

      He actually has three faces he can draw. I like his cute looking faces, not to mention the fact that if Marvel, or his other clients, didn’t like the way he draws, or, more importantly, didn’t think it would sell, they would ask him to draw something else. The people have spoken.

  2. JBH says:

    And it hands down beats the competition! Wooooo!!! JSC 4 Life!

  3. Ray Niederhausen says:

    EXACTLY!!! I think I’m over JSC. I mean his covers pull bank but it’s the same face over and over again.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Same body too. I love Noto’s work as well but he has the same disease….. all his ladies are stuck with the same face.

  4. Al says:

    Have any of you seen his cover work on Xena #1 from Topps Comics?

    It doesn’t look like anything we are used to from JSC!

    Looking at the cover you would bever know it’s a JSC if it weren’t for his signature.

    And the book is not that old… 2000 or 2001 I belive.

    He really refind his artform since that cover but he definitely reached a limit because like many posetsr here I also agree that JSC feels stagnated a little.

    Check that Xena cover out and you will be very surprised… I know I was!

  5. Al says:

    Ok finally it was in 1997 and It’s Xena Warrior Princess #1

  6. Color version is sold out now. All that is left is color signed.

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