Detective Comics #934 signed

As pointed out by Agent Poyo in the comment section you can order a copy of the newly released Detective Comics #934 regular cover signed. 

Signed by James Tynion series writer, the comics are $2.99 plis shipping. Also remember to throw in a free copy of Preacher #1 tv show promo comic. These go for a couple of bucks on ebay. Both arw limit one per customer.


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22 Responses to Detective Comics #934 signed

  1. emiobeg says:

    I got my signed copy ordered. To bad I didn’t see the free Preacher copies, but I did sell a lot of those last month. Mya have to just order a few more. Ha!

  2. Jesus says:

    Thanks Tony and Poyo. I did put in the wrong issue # lol.

  3. brennan says:

    Preacher is out of stock now and the Batman is $25 shipping to Canada!

  4. Shines says:

    All gone 😦

  5. A. King says:

    I managed to get one, but by the time I went for my second order all gone, but I did get Haunted Mansion #4c before they disappeared.

    • Anthony says:

      That was the unannounced variant Haunted Mansion 4c that is

      • A. King says:

        Yes, that was the one. I got covers a and b also. I just checked Midtown again about 10 minutes ago and they had Detective #938 signed back up so I did another order so maybe I managed to get one more copy. I checked back right after and they were gone again.

  6. J. Coleman says:

    This is also available at Midtown
    Strange Attractors #1 Cover C Regular Scott Newman Cover Signed By Charles Soule (Limit 1 Per Customer)

    • Anthony says:

      Poyo was supposed to send me one of those to match the signed hardcover I have.

      • Jay says:

        Lets Talk Rebirth

        Give me Your Top 3 Titles so far

        My Vote Goes To
        Flash, Detective Comics and Batman

        What about yours? Sound off Peeps

      • Anthony says:

        Flash 1, Superman with Superboy frying the cat, and Batman

      • Anthony says:

        A close number four would be wonder woman Frank Cho variant. Anyone going to Baltimore can get them signed and graded. Those will be money.

      • Jay says:

        Haha Superman really? Well I cant wait till Superboy Joins Action Comics with Jurgerns again, that will then def be my honorable mention. I think im gonna have to replace batman with Green Lanterns, how you feel about GL?

      • Anthony says:

        Superboy is the draw for me to this book. He is such a fresh take on the character

      • Jay says:

        Man Have you seen the Turner Variant for Justice League? No disrespect but they can keep it. They got lucky with the batman but now this shows what happens when you try and sell recycled work, its like 2pac trying to make a new song, just leave it alone. Pass 

      • Anthony says:

        Haven’t seen it yet.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yes, I plan to meet Charles Soule this Saturday at a signing. Getting my HC signed most likely among some other stuff Soule writes.

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