One to Watch: Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death 2

From time to time a book will sell for multiple times cover price for no real reason. No movie tie in, no TV show coming, not a first print. These are all characteristics that Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #2, but that hasn’t stopped the book for selling up to $19. 

You will not be able to find these online at TFAW, Mycomicshop, Midtown, or Graham Crackers, they are all gone.


While an adult Ivy has been cast for Gotham, this is not her first appearance by a long shot. However, Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death #2, as the rest of the series does, features great art and story telling. The art could be the key as Ivy hasn’t looked this good in a while. The print run on the issue is about 27,000 copies (based off sales through Diamond.)

Recently closed sales on eBay have been all over the $10 range, which is not really that bad for a $2.99 book.

Several CGC graded copies went up for sale, all 9.8’s, for under $40 (very tempting. Overall the book is showing growth, slow but organic growth. Since copies can still be found in many local shops, it is really worth keeping an eye out on.


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34 Responses to One to Watch: Poison Ivy Cycle of Life and Death 2

  1. Vernon Wiggins says:

    What is American alien doing these days?

  2. angel munoz says:

    Hi, you think that this price is going to stay that way or will continue to grow?

    • Anthony says:

      Hard to tell the book has a low print run for a DC book and has grown organically, which is always good to see.

      • Mike DePonte says:

        I disagree, with the “organically”…..human/plant hybrid??? it’s oviously GMO. 8oP

  3. melthemovieguy says:

    low print run..DC book..DC hot right now..Completest need this book..It could go up

    • Anthony says:

      Also rumors that there are exposed lady bits in there.

      • Joshua Masters says:

        Whaaaaaat? I bought these as they released, but haven’t read them yet. I have too much on the must read stack already… but for the possibility of exposed lady bits? I might have to dig them out… Lol!

        Kids these days have it so easy. No CCA.

      • Kip says:

        I was starting to think my fiance’ and I were they only ones to see the “lady parts”

  4. Alana says:

    The reason people want this is for Ivy’s kids 1st appearance, nothing to do with the art.

    • Alana says:

      And this is more of a kid cameo appearance like baby cable also issue #3 would be Thorns first as only Hazel and Rose appear in issue #2 I think issue #5 would be the first full appearance of all three or you could also say issue #1 is there 1st appearance but they are in plant form. There’s also a pre rebirth Watchmen Easter egg in issue #1

    • Anthony says:

      The art is great.

  5. Stanley says:

    At ebay, higher prices for #2 and #1 variant but other issues appear non-special?

    • Anthony says:

      Besides having great art and a good story, #2 is the winner out of the 6 issues #1 variant too.

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      • Jay says:

        Side note whats all this talk aboht john kent 1st app being in superboy? Aint it convergence 2?

      • Anthony says:

        Some are saying Superboy has an appearance by John Kent. But there is a Jonathan Samuel Kent and a Jonathan Lane Kent. So it is up in the air for the market to decide. I will have Blind Adam’s top 20 Gems which will have the issue in it when my wife stops making me
        Work around the house.

  6. James says:

    Harley Quinn #1 Dell’Otto exclusives are up at Look pretty sweet!

  7. what Harley Quinn variant is that one?

  8. Alana says:

    Kinda confusing I think it’s an actual comic but not impressed with the art maybe it looks better in color which they don’t show.

    • Donato Congialdi says:

      Yes,trying to find out if comic or pinup. I had messaged Bulletproof on Facebook asking that very question about an hour ago. When they get back to me,will let you all know what they tell me,ok?

  9. James says:

    Well if its a pin-up and not a comic then the people buying on ebay are going to be pissed. lol

  10. jclu007 says:

    My LCS had 2 copies of issue 2 sitting in the back issue bins along with 2 #1s, No #3s and 1 each or #4, #5 and #6. Im going on Alanas word as these are the first appearances of Ivys kids, and picking up these issues as a nice spec. I have a #2 on ebay right now and its getting interest by the minute.

    • Anthony says:

      What did you price yours at? I know Mel has sold some #2’s at $20

      • jclu007 says:

        Mine is priced at $15 US, $20.50 shipped. Ive had several low ball offers (cover + shipping). And 1 offer for $12.50 that I almost took, but the immediate interest in the book ultimately made me decline. I think Mels and mine are the only 2 listings for the individual book at the moment. Im new in the game still and am still struggling with my decision to decline that offer, lol.

      • Anthony says:

        It is hard to pass up money, especially when you take a profit on it. But the point is to offset the cost of the book and take a profit. The amount of profit to take is up to your discretion

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      • jclu007 says:

        I went to a small town LCS today close to where I live, and managed to find issue 3 of Ivy COLAD in the $2 bin and he had 2 complete sets of the series for $22 CDN. Do you think it would be worth picking up these ‘complete sets’? What do you think the spec is on the other issues in the series based on Alanas analysis? On another note, is it issue 19 of new 52 Superboy that is spec for Jon Kent? And what are the New 52 specs on Kathy Kane?

      • Anthony says:

        I picked up the series as it has been coming out as it is a good read I would pick up the #2’s unless you are trying to read, but then again, you could sell the sets but they seem to be going for less than #2’s themselves.

  11. jclu007 says:

    *each of #4, #5…

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