Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 15

Blind Adam is a comic dealer in New York and New Jersey, and yes, he is blind (90%).
Greetings my Awesomesauce and Comics Heating Up families. Thank you for reading this each and every week. Thank you for all of your support, encouragement, love, and advice. Now it is time to make some money with some comics, and you can’t teach that.

1. Cracked Magazine #209 – I love cracked magazines. This one features a few legendary deceased pop stars; Prince and Michael Jackson. I was only able to find one on eBay – $20
2. Shooting Stars #1 – Not sure if there is any real spec potential on this book. It is a spoof comic book from the late 80’s or early 90’s features Prince, Michael Jackson and now I want a copy.
3. Superboy New 52 #26 John Kent is #awesomesauce. Super Sons will own. The Unpressable Defects crew had the story about Superboy 19, however, John Kent was the star of the book from #26 on and they are cheap. I think the more fans that John gets the more people will be seeking this stuff out $3-5. Also look for the Saga of the Super Sons TPBTPB, $6-20 and features the classic World’s Finest Super Sons stuff.
4. Marvel Knights Spiderman #20 – Iron Jane will be hot. This is Mary Jane’s potential first time in the Iron Man armor. I see cosplay written all over this $10-25
5. Invincible Iron Man Marvel Now #4 – Mary Jane Watson’s introduction into Iron Man stories. Still cheap, but I am jacked for Iron Jane
6. Detective Comics 854 Second Print – I am so loving the new Detective Comics run. Batwoman is just an amazing part of the bat-family. She is a readhead. She is jewish. And she is just awesome, now if only DC had the guts to let her and Maggie get married. This tells a great story and is the second story arc of Kate Kane, after 52, they are all cheap and this is a rarer second print $10
7. Silver Sable and the Wild Pack #1 – so there might be a Silver Sable movie. ASM #265 has blown up in price. Well how about specing on her first number one of her own series which is in dollar boxes everywhere
8. The Suicide Squad Movie Prequel Comic Splat Hair Dye Harley Quinn #nn – this can be bought at Hot Topic. It is hair die with Harley Quinn on the package it comes with a minicomic book and is the first appearance of movie Joker and Harley Quinn $20-25
9. Harley Quinn #1 Rebirth Series Warp 9 comics store variant – has a killer homage to the Flash #123 variant I like it. Harley will be queen for years
10. The Real Ghostbusters #1 (Now Comics) – On July 15th we get the new Ghostbusters. Hi-C released ecto cooler and this is the first appearance of the o.g. Ghostbusters in comics and it is cheap under $20 cheap w.t.f.?
11. The Real Ghostbusters #28 (Now Comics) – final issue of the Now Comics Ghostbusters series low print final issue and hard to find in the wild $10
12. Green Lantern FCBD 2011 – Flashpoint is coming to the CW. Flashpoint#1 is gone from the internet. well this Green Lantern FCBD preview shows the first images of Flashpoint and is $1-5 at most.
13. Penthouse Comix #1 – don’t go hunting if your not eighteen years old. This is a classic adult comic from the mid 90s and it features Adam Hughes art and is tough to find in high grade because of the size $10-20
14. Wolverine Annual 1995 – this is a Wolverine and Deadpool fight and with Wolverine 3 being rated R and a rumored Deadpool cameo I thought I would mention the two annuals that Wolverine Deadpool were in, Wolverine Annual 1995 $10-20. Wolverine Annual 1999Wolverine Deadpool #awesomesauce action $20
15. Mad Magazine #254 – music issue Alfred E. and the gang of idiots spoofs some of musics greatest icons including Michael Jackson and Sting $15-25
16. Batman #457 – Rebirth is giving us a great Tim Drake again. Tim Drake is a great kid that the New 52 pooped all over. Well, Rebirth is bringing him back to glory and this is the first new Robin costume that Tim wears $3-10
17. Batman Annual 25 Second Print – Red Hood is hot. Batman #635 is triple digits, Batman #357 is a Houdini in raw condition. Jason Todd will be in a movie some day. This is the second print to the Superboy punch that brought him back to life $10
18. Batman #497 Second Print – Bane breaking Batman’s back is just #awesomesauce. Yes, Knightfall issues are not rare or tough to find but I am just learning of second and at times third printings of some of the Knightfall issues now and wanting them $15-30
19. Beavis and Butthead Mini Comic Wizard Magazine – not sure of the issue of wizard this came in. I love Beavis and Butthead and have never see this in the wild that often $3-5
20. Scarface #1 photo cover – this little gem from IDW is just amazing. A Scarface comic with a photo cover. Scarface is a classic movie with classic lines and great acting. When did this come out, because I missed it, $10-20
As always thanks for everything have an amazing and awesome week, blind adam out

14 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 15”

  1. 1) Johnathan Smauel Kent was born in comvergence 2, this wholw superboy thing is ridiculous cause its about a different character.
    2) tim drake is red robin in the new detective comics, if anything gets hot it should be red robin 1

    1. Also pretty horrible choice to expand the Spider-Verse movies with her. With so many great female characters in Spidey to use instead like Silk, Spider Woman, Spider Gwen, Black Cat, etc. If I wanted to go with an obscure female character for a solo Spider Vearse movie I would of chose Kraven’s daughter Ana Kravinoff.

      1. I don’t think the general movie audience would relate well to a non peter Parker with spider powers or similar name/costume. Most casual movie goers who don’t read comics and would not have any idea who these spider verse characters are and would probably get confused. I’m sure most never heard of Spider Woman either and she has been around for decades. Studios are pretty aware of those demographics. They could use Black Cat. She might be a little more known but she could easily get confused with Cat Woman from DC. Not saying they won’t ever use any of these characters but I doubt it. At least for a while. Personally, I would enjoy Spider Woman or Silk making it to the big screen, I just don’t see Sony pushing that button. A character such as the Silver Sable is a bit unique compared to most the others you listed. Maybe a little generic, but no confusion with casual comic movie fans and possibly, if written well, could turn out to be fun.

  2. I think Silver Sable is a great choice, sort of a crossover of both superheroes and spies.Could totally see Black Widow, Hawkeye, Mockingbird, & SHIELD showing up…although the Widow deserves to get a movie first.
    Back in the 70s, Spider-Woman was a fairly heavily licensed character, showing up in toys, books, she even had her own cartoon series. Then for whatever reason Marvel just stopped using her, opting for a series of pretenders to the name. Her original costume is classic, probably one of the best designs ever, far superior to the one they recently gave her.
    That hair dye Harley book is gonna be a sleeper, as I think many Harley collectors won’t know about it, it’s buried in the HBA section of the store, not like it’s in the usual cereal box. Stores order hair color in lots of 2 or 3 pieces, not stacked out by the case like cereal. And isvtgis the First comic appearance of the movie Harley & Joker? Pkus Harley already shows an odd twist to her appearances in comic collecting, as she is the only character I can think of whose appearances in stiorybooks and coloring books also count to comic collectors. If the movie does well could be Harley goes crazy (er).

    1. The comic Harley changed her hair color but it’s not the comic continuity Harley. The Hair Dye on is the first appearance of the movie Harley.

      1. What u think about the superboy? I mean its obvious its a trap, convergence 2 is the first app
        And wouldnt red robin 1 be the winner for tim drake?

        1. Not sure it’s a trap but also think it is a different Jon Kent. However, middle name aside, it is selling well and I am all for anything that turns a dollar book into a $10 book.

  3. Yes, New 52. I thought I read on here a week ago or so, that there was some New 52 Kathy Kane specs. I wasnt sure what series it was (I thought maybe Detective new 52 or Batwoman new 52, and now cant remember what issues, lol).

    1. oh I meant superboy 19 new 52. Need to look at the Kathy Kane issues as I think the spec pics on her were pre-52 Detective issues and “52” the series for her 1st appearance and first batwoman

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