Spoilers: Uncanny Inhumans #11

Feel asleep early last night, but got the spoilers in all the same. Running these today in preparation of release. 

We previously mentioned that Uncanny Inhumans 11 is sold out at Diamond. We also mentioned the 1:25 variant is shaping up as this week’s variant to get. It should be noted that the regular cover and the other variant should not be passed up either as they are doing well in the secondary market already.

On to the spoilers:
click images for full view.

So, we do see Mosaic in action in the issue

We also see an explanation of his powers / origin

(Comicbookinvest has already run a similar first page, but for clarity, they are not the same image or from the same source.)


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13 Responses to Spoilers: Uncanny Inhumans #11

  1. Brian Springman says:

    Book of the week/month (maybe beyond) for sure. Won’t have a big print run either. The variant could become a solid $75-100 book.

    He’s named using both names, uses his powers and has a brief origin… Definitely a 1st appearance, so no cameo arguments. Haha

  2. Brian Springman says:

    Here are the print runs for Uncanny Inhumans #’s 1-8. Based on this, unless someone was tipped off early about the 1st appearance of Mosaic, Uncanny Inhumans #11 should be under 30k.

    #1 – 90,528
    #2 – 41,321
    #3 – 43,036
    #4 – 35,308
    #5 – 35,145
    #6 – 32,256
    #7 – 27,088
    #8 – 28,527

  3. Bluebolt1967 says:

    This character is going to have a brief series published, before it gets cancelled at around issue 10 or so. Why is everyone treating this character’s first appearance like it’s the first appearance of Superman or Spider-Man? He’s basically a knock off of Deadman and will be forgotten within 5 years. Yes, the print run might only be around 30,000 issues but 95% of them will be bagged and boarded after one read, if even that.

    Sorry for being grumpy but am starting to dislike comic speculation in my old age 🙂

    • Brian Springman says:

      None of us know how the future plays out for this character.

      To automatically brush Mosaic off is a little foolish, in my opinion.

      I don’t see anyone acting like this is the next Spider-man, etc. To be honest, I see more people complaining about the character which tells me many didn’t buy a copy in time.

      Hit your lcs up early and you’ll most likely get a copy or two. Better safe than sorry.

      • ocguy72 says:

        I wouldn’t call it foolish, I would say just playing the odds. Most likely this character will not be the next big thing, but I am glad that Marvel is bringing in diversity with new characters instead of re-hashing and race/gender swapping older ones. I’ll give it a shot an pick up a couple of issues. Maybe it will be good.

    • Kyle says:

      People are hyping Mosiac because they have a vested interest in making money off of UI#11.
      And yeah, you’re 100% right. This “new” character will be forgotten in a few years time.

      • Brian Springman says:

        What you’re saying then goes double for those that are putting something down without even giving it a chance. Those who missed buying online are obviously going to put this down.

        In my opinion, it’s better to not say anything than to rain on something, especially without being able to know the future of this character whatsoever.

      • Anthony says:

        Since I have 0 copies of the book at the moment, I have no vested interest. However tomorrow I will be happy to flip copies that I get. It is speculation after all.

  4. emiobeg says:

    FYI: My LCS has informed me that some of the copies they received from Diamond were damaged and had to order replacement copies which usually takes about 2 weeks. I’m wondering how many other LCS are having the same issue?

  5. jl says:

    Sounds a bit like Kirkman’s Hardcore comic.

    • jl says:

      if I didn’t have several on order i’d probably be Johnny Raincloud also…but I do…so i’m not.

  6. emiobeg says:

    Minor correction to my post . It looks like the ones being damaged are the Civil War variant covers

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