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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 90th edition of the open forum!

Need to give to shout outs this week.

First to John F. for grabbing me a copy of the Batman #1 Michael Turner variant at Denver Comic Con. Not only did he buy it for me, but he shipped it out to me before I even had a chance to get the money over to him. Add in the fact the book was selling for $80 and he still only charged me cost. Stand up guy!

Also to Jesus V. Jesus is a regular in the comment section. He saw a signed and sketched TMNT 51 and sent it over to me free of charge as he knows I am a Turtles fan and love signed books. Kevin Eastman signed and sketched anything can flip easily, but he thought of me when he saw it. I owe you one brother.

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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71 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. Donato Congialdi says:

    Definitely getting out early to hunt for Uncanny Inhumans # 11. Also,right now legacy comics has a Harley Quinn # 1 Artgerm variant set (color and copic sketch) for 27.00. Bought 1 set and an extra sketch(14.99) This is a monster cover and will sell out with 3000/1500 print run…..

  2. Alana says:

    This weeks pick ups………

    Brave and the Bold #54 1st Teen Titans. 6 years ago I passed on a couple cheap chances to own B&B #28 I will not make that mistake again with this book. I’ve been after a good price decent low mid grade copy for awhile And picked this up for a great deal. You may have heard recently that there are no plans for a Justice League sequel some speculate that the follow up movie to Justice League will be titled Titans which will be most of the same cast from Justice League with Nightwing, Raven, Beast boy, Wally etc. added to the lineup. So who knows maybe some future movie spec play on this but just happen to own it for the PC.

    Akira #1 1988 can’t believe how cheap this is with movie news and all. The Akira movie will be a global hit. I found a VF+ for $10. Probably see this again in my next weekend specs.

    Avengers #112 1st Mantis NM $50 what!

    Hulk #180 1st wolvie cameo. Have 181, 182 it’s only right I have the whole set. Mid grade 5.0 $60

    Marvel Graphic Novel #5 1st William Stryker. This actually completes any of the Marvel Graphic Novels I want to own. Hasn’t this guy been in enough movies to bring some heat to this, regardless a great X-men key.

    Brave and The Bold #57 1st Metamorpho

    Doom Patrol lot I don’t even know what’s all in here until I receive it. I know #99 and #100 are in it in Higher grade for sure. I already have #99 but this was a mislabeled auction with one picture of a stack of books from a new ebayer who was too lazy to describe what he had making it a good cheap pickup to flip for me.

    Week #52 the whole run lol. $12 Batwoman bringing heat to a couple of these.

    Journey into Mystery #114 1st Absorbing Man

    Justice League #30 More Jessica Cruz

    Also 1 or each cover of Inhumans #1 and a Spidey Deadpool #6 for new stuff.

  3. A. King says:

    Tomorrow looks like a small day, not to much new stuff that I want. Hopefully I can save a little cash.

  4. K Winger says:

    Taking a break from buying and focusing on blowing out a lot of CGC graded key issues on eBay… I’m comic rich and cash poor! Going to also wait until this CGC reholdering issue is resolved! Happy buying folks!

  5. Jesus says:

    Just saw what you wrote on top Tony. You don’t owe me nothing. Everyone in my family loves the turtles. My little one has an original 1987 Rafael plush and a turtle blanket that he must go to sleep with or else all little hell brakes loose lol. Just sharing the turtle love lol.

  6. jl says:

    looks like that Harley artgerm cover might not have a set print run..could be opening the presses to a higher amount….i’m bailing on this one

    • Anthony says:

      Interesting. Curious but where did you hear that. Big print run would kill any secondary market value and could hurt the shops potential to move copies at The current price point

      • jl says:

        following them on facebook…they mentioned something about not deciding yet though previously they said 3000/1500…maybe they’ll confirm it one way or the other today. I emailed them just to try and nail them down.

    • Jay says:

      Whats the best harley quin variant u seen so far ?

  7. Jl says:

    Wow…uncanny xmen 11 is a ghost today….no cover bs and very few cover a

    • Jl says:

      I mean inhumans….anyway none around so far

      • Jl says:

        Just visited one store and they jacked the price of cover b to $25 right off the shelf

      • agentpoyo says:

        One shop sold all 6 copies they had on the shelf while I was there. Another shop had a stack of cover A. Had cover B at $29.99 and Putri variant at $99.

      • jl says:

        2 stores had 0 copies of any covers of Uncanny….1 store had 5 damaged copies of Cover A and the other store was holding all his in the back and selling Cover B for $25.00.

      • Anthony says:

        That is crap business practice. You can hold a couple back but need to have the products out for the customers. They are a comic shop. That sells new comics. I don’t fault them for holding a couple back to offset costs but all of them is crap.

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      • jclu007 says:

        I have had Wednesday’s off for a while now, but due my country’s birthday and the impending holiday, I had to work today and can’t get to my shops early. Luckily I got a hold of my main LCS and they have pulled 1 cover a and 1 cover b for me. I’ll be hitting the shops later tonight. I’m curious as to how many, if any, are on the shelves. Fingers crossed.

      • Anthony says:

        Where are you?

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      • agentpoyo says:

        Yeah, any business that jacks the prices up on release day for regular covers I wouldn’t shop there. Variants are okay to jack up but regular covers.. even if they are just holding onto them and not selling to sell later at inflated secondary market values, no way.. should boycott them.. we really should publicly name these places so others know. We the people, who buy shit from you to keep you in business can also put you out of business.. 😉

      • jclu007 says:

        Toronto, Canada. Just left my main LCS and my comic guy pulled the only 2 issues he ordered of uncanny inhumans, for me. It’s getting close to closing time here and I’m not even going to bother hitting the other stores today as I have a suspicion that the book is long gone from the shelves. I sent an email to my comic guy last night to pull the issue + variant for me. Like I said, he only ordered 1 cover a and 1 cover b and he told me he was impressed that I was on the ball (thx, Anthony) ahead of everyone else regarding that issue. He even let’s me pull several issues (eg flash 1 from last week which I pulled 7 of each), and let’s me put them in my pull slot until I’m ready to purchase. I’m one of his better customers I have a fabulous rapport with him.

      • Anthony says:

        That’s awesome. Love hearing that you have a great relationship with your shop. That’s where the best deals come from.

  8. Jl says:

    Local store raised price of cover b to $25

  9. Donato Congialdi says:

    Just returned from 2 lcs and found 2 reg cover,1 Civil war variant(10.00) ,the other shop I grabbed 1 copy reg cover. Both shops had about 6 copies total on shelves. This has to have a very low print run…flip or sell?? Also, found 2 copies of Vision # 5…flipping them right away before hype dies down…

  10. Philippe Brault says:

    Not too bad a day for me.

    Picked up:
    3 copies of Uncanny Inhumans 11 cover A
    2 copies of Jade street protection services 1

    My usual pull list:
    4 kid walk into a bank 2
    Hyperion 4 (really good read)
    Darth Vader 22
    Street fighter x gi joe 5
    Spectrum 1
    DK III 5
    Legend of wonder woman 7
    Mae 2

    And of curse the Preview :p

    Also picked up 2 copies of Rising Stars 1 (normal cover and pose cover) as well as a justice league 30 5$ each.

  11. 4 Kids walk into a Bank #2 Hopefully this maintains a regular schedule
    The Black Hood #11
    Dark Knight #5 These are running late, late, late….
    Sons of the Devil #8
    Legend of Wonder Woman #7 I got this from for the wife and she still hasn’t read past issue one.
    Three Stooges #2: Still love these guys

    I rarely read anything superhero but rebirth has kind of got me interested. I’ve picked up Batman and Wonder Woman. I’m looking at Deathstroke. Is this a more “mature” dark character? If so I think I might give this title a chance also. Looks kind of Punisher like in tone?

  12. CaptnBeans says:

    So far today…

    6x Uncanny Inhumans #11 Cover A
    2x Uncanny Inhumans #11 Cover B
    4x Invincible Iron-Man #7
    2x Cryptocracy #1 (awesome read)
    2x Hillbilly #1

    More to come but great day so far!

  13. Tim says:

    Got the following :
    4 copies uncanny inhumans 11
    2 copies uncanny inhumans 11 variant b
    1 crypto by dark horse…amazing read
    1 spider gwen annual
    1 kids walk into bank
    1 black mask…the new one…wasn’t impressed…

  14. A. King says:

    This week was very small for me. In store pickups came to a total of less than $20. I only went to 1 shop, and I grabbed the last Uncanny In humans #11. That shop had a huge stack of Rebirth 3rd print and the same store had none of the 2nd prints, out of the seven or so stores that I go to only one of them had the Rebirth 2nd prints.

    • Anthony says:

      I wonder if the second print, which was a $6 square bound book, was severely underordered.

      • A. King says:

        I hope it was underordered, since I have a couple of them. The 3rd print is square bound also but I didn’t see how much it is, wow I pre-ordered 2 of the 3rd prints but I didn’t even pay attention to how much they cost.

  15. Brian Davis says:

    Scored 3x of cover A and cover B of Inhumans 11. I was there before the staff was. Also, Midtown has Batman 1 Midtown Variants signed for $10 if anyone is interested.

  16. jl says:

    went to 5 stores, only 1 store had any 2nd print Rebirth titles….and they only had Superman Rebirth 1 (nice orange color on the Superman logo btw)

    • Anthony says:

      I did not see any of the 2nd print rebirth titles. My main shop was fully stocked from the get go and still has some Batman on the shelf. The other shop didn’t order many (even though they were returnable) and has done nothing but complain he missed the boat. Yet he still failed to order the second prints which he could still be able to sell.

  17. Stanley says:

    I failed miserably in mission to buy any Inhuman #11 in city with dozen comic stores. Perhaps, they are all conspiring to stop me? Luckily, I found mint Flash #138 and X-Men Origins Deadpool at cover prices. Win some and lose some.

  18. schweizerdavid says:

    Visiting family across the country in my hometown. Stopped at a store I haven’t been in for 21 years. Picked up the following. Forgot what it’s like to pay sales tax.

    NM raw NYX 3: When I asked to see it off the wall, the cashier didn’t even know what I was talking about and had never heard of this book. Paid $99.

    X-23 #1 both white and red cover. The red cover was a few dollars more even though it is technically a second print.

    Deadworld 10 Not For Wussies cover for cover price: 1st appearance of the Crow on the back cover. Can’t believe I am still finding these.

    Sandman 10: 1st Desire & Despair

    Wonder Woman 164: Old-school Harley all tied up, the Joker, and an AH! cover. Why haven’t these broken out yet?

    Battle Pope 1: It’s the first time I’ve seen one of these in the wild even if it is the Image reprint.

    • Anthony says:

      Damn. Damn. Now I can say I do have a Deadworld 10. I started picking them up many, many years ago. I liked the series and have followed it through the recent IDW series. The raw NYX 3 for $99 is robbery!!

      • schweizerdavid says:

        Deadworld 10 has two different covers but I don’t know what the ratio is. I would think the NFW gory cover would be more limited but that is the one I seem to find.

        I needed some top loading hard cases to protect the books on the plane back home. Of course that store didn’t have any.

        I may head out today to see if I can find any of the Suicide Blonde hair dye with the mini comic.

  19. schweizerdavid says:

    BTW, my daughter was relieved Lockjaw is OK. No “new” books until I get home.

  20. azbarbarian says:

    My LCS had three Uncanny Inhumans 11. One was in a sub box, one was already reserved by me. I had the third one off the shelf but decided to give it to a younger guy who was asking about it for his PC. He was really happy; it was worth it.

    Also found Vision #5. (Not sure why).

    90’s stuff including three signed Image Ashcans for $5 each. Maxx #1 Blue, signed by Keith numbered 2557. Pitt Deluxe Ashcan Edition signed by Rubenstein and Keown numbered 1665/1800. Cyber Force #3 Deluxe Ashcan Edition signed by Silvestri. Also a bunch of 90s Image (nothing exciting) #1s for $1 each. H.A.R.D. Corps #1. Shadow man #0. I always buy this kind of stuff when I find it cheap.

    Regular Pulls
    DKIII #5
    Black Panther #3
    Steve Rogers Captain America #2
    Darth Vader #22 Action Figure

    • Anthony says:

      Damn. That Maxx Blue is hard to come by. It’s worth some good money.

      • azbarbarian says:

        The ashcans… Pitt 2 and Cyber Force 3 were in great shape. Unfortunately Maxx 1 has a lot of spine ticks. No wonder, when I brought it up, the shop owner said the person who brought it in had it in a box with their lunch! Couldn’t pass them up though.

      • Anthony says:

        Even with spine ticks that blue Maxx is something worth having and holding for its rarity. They never come up for sale on eBay. Almost never.

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  21. Birdman says:

    First time commenting…long time comic collector…have been visiting the site for awhile…really enjoy reading all the postings & insights…cannot believe how fast Uncanny Inhumans #11 has taken off…visited 3 shops yesterday & got…

    Uncanny Inhumans 11 (cvr A x 3), (cvr B x3) and (1 in 25 variant for $8!!)
    Black Panther variant
    Cap America variant
    Darth Vader (both cvrs)
    Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion (Jones variant)
    SpiderGwen Annual
    Star Wars Force Awakens (movie photo cvr – from last week)
    Dark Knight III (reg. & Kerscel variant)
    DC Universe Rebirth 3rd print
    Deathstroke, Grayson & Teen Titans Annuals

    Copies of Uncanny Inhumans were sparse…I found if you didn’t call ahead your chances were slim on securing a copy…all 3 shops had some, but had a minimal # of shelf copies & they were gone fairly quickly…I had to go out of my way to get the 1 in 25 variant, but picked up several other books while I was there, including 1 each of the other 2 covers…my regular LCS (local chain) said they sold 2 copies of the 1 in 25 variant to 2 customers for $35 each, and 3 others online for $100 each…they usually don’t mark variants up so high on release date, but got wind of all the hype and made an exception…hope it does not become a trend! They had offered me one of the $35 variants and one of the cover B variants for $8 but I declined…did not realize how pricey things were getting at the time…maybe made a hasty decision but am satisfied with my bounty given I paid no markups on covers A & B (actually 20% discount).

    The other 2 stores I visited are part of another local chain that has been selling all DC $5.99 and under (incl. new arrivals!) for 50% off since late May…and my understanding is it will continue thru July! A very nice Rebirth promotion! Given all the product coming out these days, it has certainly helped the wallet…loved paying half price for all my DC books this week (and past several weeks).

  22. Jesus says:

    Whose excited for the new Marvel NOW! Line up that’s coming out? Lol. I think I only have 3 Marvel books and if they reboot those I am done with Marvel. They should be more like DC and wait at least 3-4 years before a reboot.

  23. Keith Mitchell says:

    Stopped by a BAM to see if they had anything that I missed at the LCS. They have no idea when it comes to comics, however but I still like to see what they have from time to time. Yesterday, I found 7 copies of the Justice League #51 error books and grabbed all of them.

  24. Keith Mitchell says:

    I get a bunch of the Fried Pie variants as well, but none of them has ever really hit it big.

  25. J. Coleman says:

    Ughhh………it’s been a busy week.


    Captain America 2
    Uncanny Inhumans 11 My shop had about 5 on the shelf
    Previews w/ Image +
    Spider-man / Deadpool 1 6th print (That cover is just cool)
    & 6
    She-Wolf 1


    Aliens Defiance #2
    Aquaman Vol 6 #1 Cover C Regular Brad Walker & Drew Hennessey Cover Signed By Brad Walker (Limit 1 Per Customer)
    Bloodshot Reborn #13 Cover B Variant Jeffrey Veregge Cover
    Carnage Vol 2 #8
    Cry Havoc #5 Cover A Ryan Kelly & Emma Price
    Dreaming Eagles #5
    Extraordinary X-Men #10 Cover B Variant Reilly Brown Age Of Apocalypse Cover (X-Men Apocalypse Wars Tie-In)
    Famous Monsters Presents Monster World #4 Cover A Regular Piotr Kowalski Cover
    Fix #4 NEXT WEEK
    Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Satans Hollow #3 Cover A Caio Cacau
    Imperium #16 Cover B Variant Diego Bernard Cover
    Jonesy (BOOM Studios) #4
    Kim & Kim #1 Cover A/B/C (Filled Randomly) NEXT WEEK
    Legacy Of Luther Strode #6
    Letter 44 #25
    Mighty Thor Vol 2 #7
    Monstress #6
    New Gods Vol 3 #17 A CHU Spec
    Orphan Black Helsinki #5 Cover B Variant Cat Staggs Subscription Cover
    Puppet Master #15 Cover B Variant Andrew Mangum Kill Color Cover
    Red Wolf Vol 2 #6
    Self Storage #5
    Sex #28
    Shaft Imitation Of Life #4
    SSB II Cover A With Polybag NEXT WEEK Sequel to Satan’s *&%@$ Baby!
    Star Wars Vol 4 #19 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover
    Starve #9
    Swamp Thing Vol 2 Annual #2 Old school Alan Moore
    Tokyo Ghost #7 Cover B Bengal
    Tomboy #5 Cover B Variant Winston Young Cover
    Totally Awesome Hulk #6
    Ultracat #1
    X-Files Vol 3 #2 Cover A Regular Menton3 Cover
    X-Men Worst X-Man Ever #4
    Zombie Tramp Vol 2 #23 Cover A Regular TMChu Cover

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