Francis Manapul Mystery Variant solved

The Francis Manapul Harley Quinn image we put up yesterday from Manapul’s Instagram site has been attributed to a seller. This is an official release that has not been officially announced just yet. 
The artisit, Francis Manapul jumped the gun on the announcement. Releasing this image on his Instagram site yesterday and stated it was for HoknesUSA, now known as Frankie’s Comics. 

The Book is not for Hoknes USA as Manupal had announced but is from The Comic Mint. The Comic Mint is a commission free Comic Book Marketplace that will be updated and relaunched as we speak, they are completely overhauling the site.
Sources have told me that The Comic Mint will have an interesting way of selling the book, which can’t be mentioned at this time, but it is definitely cool. The book will be available for sale shortly after the July 4th Holiday.

7 thoughts on “Francis Manapul Mystery Variant solved”

      1. Tell me about it…I just dropped almost $200 for HQ, JL and Batman exclusives from four different stores, and that was limiting myself to the ones I felt I MUST have! There is no way I could possibly get them all. While I would like to have this one, I’m tapped out for this variant deluge.

  1. I’m not spec’ing to much on the store variants. I may get a couple, but mostly I am going to stick with the A and B covers.

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