What If all the inconsistencies in the Marvel Universe could be explained in three pages?

Thanks to Jeremy A. for this one.
Did you ever wonder why Marvel characters never aged? Or how an X-Man could look like one thing in one issue and could look totally different in another (think of when Toad started looking like his movie counterpart)? How someone can come back from the dead? What about how characters can be completely swapped with another one? Well the following three pages explains it all.
This character could be the single most powerful mutant in X-Men history. And if Marvel sticks to this story this character could be big in the Marvel U.
The two characters talking are Bailey (the worst X-man) and Miranda and this all unfolds in X-Men: Worst X-Men Ever #5. Miranda, whose first appearance is in X-Men: Worst X-Men Ever #3, seems to be a reality bending mutant of the highest order.
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Not sure there is a lot of spec on this one, especially if she is never seen again after the last issue of the Max Bemis series, but to me, she is such a cool character, I would hope they bring her back. And even originally throw away characters such as Negasonic Teenage Warhead, who’s first appearance in X-Men 115 was also her last, showed up in the Deadpool movie. Granted, this could be Max Bemis’ attempt at poking fun at the Marvel U. but it is a damn good one and very effective.
Also, the “him” Bailey is referring to that he couldn’t save is Charles Xavier, and how many times has he died?

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        1. Too true. There is also some just plain Oreo thin cookies that are damn fine. But nothing beats double stuff (except two double stuff together making them quadruple stuffed.) but I digress.

  1. Have to say this somewhere.. I spoke very badly of Batman v Superman when it was released in theatres, the theatrical cut was pretty bad the new ultimate cut is a much better movie and I really enjoyed it. I don’t understand why they took this great movie and made it so horrible for its theatre release. If they just released the Ultimate cut to theatres probably would of not had nearly as many bad reviews from critics.

      1. 3hrs and 2mins runtime so think it’s 30mins longer. The added footage helps explain everything a whole lot better and I believe it’s also edited to be in sequence to be easier to follow then the theatrical cut.

      2. There’s a few references to Lex’s dad some I remember from the theatrical cut and I think one was added to this version. Which really pushes the theory of there being a Lex Sr. And Jr.

  2. You never know there could be some spec potential. Nobody thought anything of Before Watchmen Dr. Manhattan #4 and look how that turned out.

  3. Since we are speculating on obscure characters whom could play a large role in the current and future Marvel U, I haven’t seen much talk about Kobik from Avengers Standoff: Welcome to Pleasant Hill. She’s the sentient form of the Cosmic Cube that Red Skull has manipulated into implanting false memories into people, most notably Steve Rogers so far. I think there is more at play with other heroes and villains down the road .

    1. Agreed. They could just introduce a brand new character who resembles the film and happens to take on that codename. She doesn’t even have to have a connection to the previous one, since the name was really the only thing they took from the original. I’m actually surprised it hasn’t happened already!

    1. She did reappear in Astonishing X-men, but she was a figment of Emma Frost’s past guilt, created by Cassandra Nova. So it wasn’t actually the original character revived. What I don’t remember is whether or not they temporarily brought her back during Necrosha, when we saw tons of dead characters coming back for a brief appearance… But really, the movie version kicked a$$, while the comic book version never really did much of anything.

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