Blind Adam's Hidden Gems Vol. 16

Greetings my Comics Heating Up and Awesomesauce families. It is your boy Blind Adam the comicpimp back to give twenty more hiden gems. Thank you for reading this each and every week. If any of you will be at Boston Comiccon and want to hang out let me know or stop by the cars  and say hello. Now lets make some money on some comics, and you can’t teach that.
1. Harley Quinn #1 (Rebirth) Zapp Comics – this is an amazing homage to Batman Adventures by Emanuella Lupacchino. Harley is making me broke I swear, but this will be the top dog of the store variants outside of the Aspen Turner one of course
2. Harley’s Little Black Book #3 – I am in love with the Comics Kings Harley #1 Linsner variant. Well, it made think “where did I see Linsner and Harley before?” and this came up. It is another awesome cover $15-30
3. Donald Duck (Whitman) #222 – not sure of the spec play on this one. It is Donald, and according to “Recalled Comics”, is rare
4. Harley Quinn #29 Game Stop Power-up Rewards Variant – damn you Gamestop and your Power=up rewards variants. Now I need to find this $75-85
5. TMNT #3 1:25 Fred Hembeck Variant Cover – just thought this was an awesome turtles variant of a rare tmnt book not sure of the spec play
6. TV Guide SDCC 2015 – DC cover variants, this was a set of four different TV guides given away at last year’s SDCC. You had the Flash, Arrow, Supergirl, and Gotham sets are $25 and singles go between
$7-15 I love the Gotham & Supergirl covers
7. Amazing Spiderman #50 (1998) – damn you Marvel and your renumbering. Why do you need to confuse us with your wacky numbering? However, J Scott Campbell plus Spiderman equals money and this is a great cover $10-20
8. Deadpool #11 (1997) – Everyone loves that Deadpool Spiderman Series. ASM #611 has three prints. The Avenging Spiderman issues are in the wild, but Deadpool #11 is when Deadpool becomes Spiderman and Blind Al becomes Aunt May and should on be Spidypool fans radar, and you can’t teach that
9. Teen Comics #6 Personalty Comics this is a bio comic on Madonna and Prince and is super cheap $3-5. All Personality Comics are super cheap and super cool
10. Speed Racer #1 2nd Print Now Comics – I can see Speed Racer making a come back if done correctly. We do have Wackie Racers #1 and maybe one day we can get a good Speed Racer movie or TV show, but this is a hard to find second print $3-5
11. Marvel Two in One #17 30 Cent Price Variant – it seems a lot of Marvel Two in Ones have this so called rare 30 cent price variant. I always loved this two part story with the Thing and Spidy part two is in Marvel Team Up #47, but I am now seeking this one out $40
12. Firestorm #63 Test Logo Variant – I have never seen one of these and always thought they were cool. Not sure of the spec play but just thought it was cool
13. Batman #353 Second Print – this has it all; second print, low print run, and a joker cover. Suicide Squad is August 5th, Killing Joke dvd is  August 2nd, the Joker will have a strong hand $10
14. Red Robin #1 – I talked about Tim Drake last week. I was trying to make the point that early Tim appearances are cheap. He is Red Robin and this is his first as Red Robin  I think $5-10
15. Sam Wilson Captain America #7 – Hail Hydra Captain America is hot. Loved issue #2
but lets remember when the cube de-aged Steve and this is it and it had a sweet Alex Ross variant to boot
16. Tales of Suspense #79 – the Cosmic Cube is a jerk. Look what it did to cap. however I
love this story, especially the animated cartoon of this issue. The Cosmic Cube is hot, it’s on a roll in Winter Solider and in Hail Hydra and remember it is in the avengers movies $40 and up. This is the Cube’s introduction
17. Uncanny X-Men #450 – Fans of X-23 are scooping up all the early appearances and if she ends up in a movie these could go nuclear.
18. Batman 122 & 123 1977 Pizza Hut giveaway reprints. Told you fast food giveaways used to reek of awesomeness. Classic atomic to silver age reprints one with a Joker story and they are cheap $6-15
19. Dark Horse Presents #141 – early Buffy appearance during the tail end of the classic Dark Horse Presents run $5-10
20. Rampaging Hulk #1 – not sure of the spec play on this classic magazines but these have been appreciating with age. It is bronze age Marvel Hulk and tough to find in high grade in the wild
I hope to see a few of you guys at Heroes and Villains fan fest. Now, I need to find a hot blond, a Harley Quinn costume, and work on a top secret project, and you can’t teach that
blind adam out

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  1. A little poking around shows Robin 181 with a pre-Red Robin 1 cameo on the last page. #fanboyFRANTICS

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