One to Watch: Invincible Iron Man 12

With Riri Williams taking over as Iron Man, it is only a matter of time before she and the current Iron Armor owner meet. There are no mentions of when this will happen in the upcoming solicitations but rumors are pointing to issue Invincible Iron Man 12.

It is of interest to note the solicitation does nothing to mention this so it could catch retailers off guard. 

What always is of concern is how important of a meeting this will be. Will it be an important event, Tony stepping down and handing over the reins, or just a casual meeting. Talking with a speculator friend this morning and we both mentioned that the cover that is being used in the solicitation for Invincible Iron Man 12 is that of Invincible Iron Man #11. 

DC did this recently with Superman Lois and Clark #8, where they used issue #5’s cover to hide the spoiler. So this could be the same case. 

This could signify the cover to Invincible Iron Man 12 could show an important event that Marvel does not want to spoil. (We will of course have the cover spoiler and issue spoilers before the 8/3 release date.)

Regardless, if you have been “in” on Invincible Iron Man #7 and Invincible Iron Man #9, Invincible Iron Man 12 should be a book to watch and possibly get orders in early. 


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19 Responses to One to Watch: Invincible Iron Man 12

  1. Brian Springman says:

    Using the cover for #11 to hide the cover for #12 might be all I need to know. Well that, and the fact that they changed the solicitation to make no mention of Riri and Stark meeting.

    But you know me, I’ll be digging up all I can asap. Lol!

  2. Alana says:

    Marvel just announced #7 to 3rd print and #9 to 2nd print, Did somebody say cash grab?

    • Anthony says:

      New covers though. Wonder if Riri will be on it?

    • Mike DePonte says:

      I think that’s great. Now new collectors can own a copy and not have to pay $30, which to me is better for the hobby. The demand is there and Marvel knows it. If they short print the new printings on purpose, then I’d be shaking my head.

  3. Bill says:

    The 3rd print of #7 has a small circular picture of Riri added to the cover art indicating it’s her 1st appearance. That could be catchy

  4. Alana says:

    Just leaked Dr. Doom will be ironman

    • Anthony says:

      Infamous Iron Man, Riri is Incredible Iron Man

    • Brian Springman says:

      I highly doubt they would make national headlines with Riri taking over as Iron Man to then leak Doom as Iron Man a day later.

      It HAS to be two Iron Men, each in their own title.

  5. Alana says:

    I would get on What if? Demon in a armor #1 which is also 1st venompool.

  6. I see someone posted the actual cover here, but I was going to say, DCBS did the same thing, but slightly differently. They posted the cover to #10 for both #10 & #11; then used the cover to #11 when soliciting #12. Either way, they were still hiding the cover to #12… but maybe the art just wasn’t ready early enough for this issue?

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