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Wednesday, the best day of the week, new comic book day. It is like your birthday in the middle of each week (well, one where you buy your own presents.)

We open things up to hear from you. A free for all.

The 92nd edition of the open forum!

What a great, crazy money making week. Iron Man 7 and 9 have been flying off the shelves and out of eBay. Hillbilly moving well from 2 weeks ago. I have been having a slew of orders going out each day. How have been your sales?

As always we also want to hear about your weekly pickups.
So, What were your pick ups?
What had disappeared off the shelves?
What was sitting on the shelves?
What back issue deals did you grab?


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78 Responses to Wednesday Open Forum

  1. brennan says:

    So this happened a few days ago, but I waited for this post to tell you.
    I missed out on action comics #50 poly bag and have been looking locally ever since. I went to a shop a bit further away that I rarely go to because the owner is very shady and has a history of being an asshat (has a live alligator in a tank in the shop, not treated well, just the tip of the iceberg, used to charge kids a $2 admission if they weren’t with an adult, banning people who he feels ‘swindled’ him, etc). Anyways, I figured I’d go and raid some back issues. I find a single copy of action 50, and notice there’s a small hole in the top of the bag, enough to shine a light into and see what cover it is. Didn’t care because I planned on opening it anyways. I noticed they had a few copies of the bagged Batgirl as well so I checked those out and wouldn’t you know it, exact same hole.
    I believe that the owner found out about the original sketches and decided to check his remaining inventory to potentially find one for himself. I was so pissed but I managed to bite my tongue (don’t want a ban, even though I try to avoid giving them any money, it’s still cheaper than relying on ebay).

    Anyways, that’s my vent.
    This week’s books are:
    Action comics
    Back to the future
    Civil war
    Civil War Spiderman
    Detective comics
    Hal jordan
    New superman

    • Zac says:

      That dude sounds like a dirtbag. I’d put his shop on internet blast, but then again I’m sort of spoiled for choice out here when it comes to comic book shops.

      • brennan says:

        Thing is, it wouldn’t matter because the locals of that area have no other choice other than a 30 min drive to the next closest shop.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Those poor people deserve better.. we should petition, we should riot for a better comic book shop without a sleeze bag owner! Poyo demands comic book justice!

    • Anthony says:

      That’s shady to say the least. I bought up so many of the Batman partially because I was putting together sets but also because I was selling the hell out of the singles.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I bought 1 of the Batman Superman 30 and got the autograph rare McGuire sketch and signature copy..

        I think the only other polybagged copies I got were Batman and I bought those out of the bag to get the versions I wanted.

      • brennan says:

        Poyo I am so jealous. I didn’t get any sketch work on these or sex criminals #11!!

      • Jay says:

        Any spoilers on the wonder woman or flash series tomorrow ? Any first app?

  2. ocguy72 says:

    What San Diego Comic Con movie spec do any of you think we should prepare for? Will they finally show who the main villain is in the Dr. Strange movie? Will it be Dormammu? Will it be the Lego version of Shuma Gorath? Someone else? will DC announce any more movies in their future line up? I heard a rumor a few weeks back, can’t remember where, that the New Gods were being considered. Anyone else hear more or anything about that? If that’s the case New Gods #1 is still affordable in ungraded high grades with more than a couple first appearances but I just wonder if DC will go that epic down the line with so many powerful characters.

  3. chfrontst says:

    I drive passed 3 shops on my 45 minute trek to shop at the only lcs near me that isn’t ran by asshats.

  4. Jesus says:

    This weeks pull

    The flash #2
    Gwenpool #4 (for the wife)
    Night trap #2 ( love this new series. Has a Friday the 13th feel to it lol and art is amazing. Would stick to Harrow county if the art was better)
    Silk #10 ( for the wife)
    New Superman #1 ( need to see where this new character and characters are going)
    Finding Dory #1 ( for my boys)

    Did picked up an Uncanny X-men 214 ( Dazzler joins the x-men) for the wife.

    • Anthony says:

      Yeah for Night Trap. Going to have a tiny print run on the second issue.

    • Anthony says:

      Don’t give up on Harrow County. The art is done by a former Hellboy and BPRD artist and they are going for a certain feel. I love it. Eerie.

      • Jesus says:

        If I can find some back issues for Harrow county, I will pick them up and give it another chance. Just for you Tony lol

  5. Jay says:

    Does anybody have any spoilers or specs in flash 2 this week?

    • brennan says:

      Well, Augustus still doesn’t have a codename and it’s brought up, so it looks more like he’s godspeed to me. People all over town got hit with speedforce, cameos maybe? First appearance of Dr carver, leader of the black hole.

  6. Dave says:

    Went to a comic shop on vacation and found Invincible Iron Man #7 for cover (the day before it exploded!) and Vision #1-5 each at cover price.
    Went back the next day to see if they had Invicible Iron Man, didn’t see it in the back issues, but then saw it behind the counter. Asked how much, she said she just put it there that morning and it was $20…darn it! Missed out!

    • Anthony says:

      Oh man that stinks. I love that shops can make money but sometimes hate when they are in the know.

      • agentpoyo says:

        Perhaps you should shut down CHU then.. 😉

      • Anthony says:

        Funny I just had this conversation tonight. Where it was asked why do you publicly give away info on books, doesn’t that hurt your sales? My response. I don’t always post on the site until after I have raided stores. It’s true. Several shops will not comment on here but do read the site. They know if I write something about a book I will be wanting copies. So to avoid that I visit first and then post.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’m gonna play a prank on you and give every shop in your area a picture of your mug face to hang in their shop that says.. “Do Not Sell Comics to this Man”

      • Anthony says:

        Some will not. Some eBay check everything I buy. One shop has told me I am limit one of each comic when I walk in. The same shop has said to check every book I buy and to “watch what I am looking at”

      • agentpoyo says:

        Time for plastic surgery.. or some really crafty disguises. 🙂

      • Anthony says:

        my mustache and glasses disguise sometimes works. have to put the fake mustache over my real one but….

      • brennan says:

        You guys should just have an arrangement, you get your books, shop owner knows to set aside a few for when they heat up.

      • agentpoyo says:

        I’m actually a nice guy and tell my one shop what to pull aside, at least a couple of copies of something that is heating up. He won’t raise his price initially, he’ll wait a week or so but yeah, he deserves to hold a handful to make a little extra money for the hundreds of comics that will end up on his shelves for months or years to come.

  7. Shines says:

    Over the weekend I hit my once a month shop and picked up 2 copies of Hillbilly #1 off the shelf ( there were about 6 more but no point being greedy), also a copy of Vision #1 hiphop variant at cover price.
    This week will be Nightwing 1, new Superman1, Wonder Woman 2 Cho variant, and Kong of Skull Island (line art coloring book variant). Also ordered Civil War 3 midnight & Hawkeye covers.
    Also, might mention the Doctor Who 10th Doctor album cover variants. Picked up the two Beatles covers that homage the red & blue greatest hits album covers. I think these look great and are under the radar. Will probably frame & display these!

  8. Cody says:

    Pretty good week this week;
    Picked up a 90s wolverine lot with 75-90
    Web of spiderman 118 & 119 both minty
    Ghost rider vol 1 #1 😎 Vf or better love how ghost rider looks like he’s popping off the page
    Uncanny 142 NM also a great cover
    I can’t believe it but I won a scarlet 1 1:50 lafuente variant for a steal.

    Tomorrow I’ll be picking up a few new superman 1 even tho I’m waiting on a few bmsm32 to get back from cgc 😑

  9. K winger says:

    No buying again this week just selling….

  10. jclu007 says:

    I had the day off today and ventured to a new comic shop, a few towns over. It was one of the nicest stores Ive ever seen. They had a reading section and ‘readers copies’ of most books. I managed to find a bunch of Rebirth one shot 1st prints (Superman reg, Green Lanterns reg & var, DC Universe Rebirth 1st print) & TWD #154 off the shelves and grabbed The Kitchen #1 1:13 variant, The Kitchen #1 x5, Justice League #40, #41 & #42, AForce #1 1:25 var, and a Vision #1 all at cover. There was a little kid there (7 or 8 years old) with his Mom, they had arrived just ahead of me and the kid had grabbed the last issues if Iron Man #7 and #9 off the shelves and was just manhandling them. It was rather cute. The kid had a bunch of books just clutched to his front side, crushing the life out of them as they were slidding around under his arm and falling on the floor and such. A few less issues that will be on the secondary market. Lol. Over the weekend at one of my LCS’ I grabbed an Iron Man #7 and #9 along with a bunch of Vision #1, #3, #4 and #6 all for $2 in the back issues.

    Im lucky with my LCS owners. My main guy, where I get my pulls, almost encourages me to flip books. He lets me pull books from the back issues and put them in my slot, I literally dont have to invest in the books until I know they are hot. He doesnt have a very big, or old, back issue selection though. My other shops are kinda asshats, but they are not on the ball, so I go in to those shops to grab any back issue spec books. I tried telling one of the shop owner about some value he has in his back issues, and the asshat started on a rant about how he hates speculation and that none of the books will be worth anything in 5 years. I smiled and said goodbye as I walked out with $100 in Vision back issues that I paid $16 for. I have 2 more stores tomorrow that I hope I can find some Iron Mans at.

    • Anthony says:

      Great recon report. Love hearing that kids read comics and almost makes those mangled IM 7 and 9 worth it. I have sold the heck out of them. Vision too.

      • Beau barstow says:

        I LOVED YOUR SHOP STORIES!! I thought I was the only one getting black balled!!?? Shops get so hurt when you make money, but all they have to do is market reserch. I ve learned to just be on the DL I don’t socialize much just bbuy books and leave.

  11. AJ says:

    I was able to acquire a 1:25 variant of Before Watchmen: Dr. Manhattan #4 for $18(!!!) in NM, do you think it’s a good idea to immediately flip it for $60~ or hold on to it?

  12. Ed says:

    I’ve got 3 copies of New Super-man coming. I’ve considered loading up further, especially on Cover B, but am on the fence. My long boxes are starting to look a little full.

    Ame-Comi Girls Featuring WW #1 1:25 for 24 bucks shipped. AWESOME cover, < 1K print run
    Astonishing Ant Man 5 1:20 Cho variant for 12 bucks
    1x Pudding Pack and a set of Harley 1 Witter

    Flash 2
    Hal Jordan 1
    Nightwing Rebirth 1 Cover A + B
    New Super-man Cover A + Cover B ( x2 )
    Wicked + Divine 21
    Horizon 1

  13. Alana says:

    This weeks pick ups….

    Only one back issue New Avengers #10 1st Thane son of Thanos as for new stuff.
    New superman #1 4xA 4xB
    Hal Jordan #1 A and B
    Nightwing #1 A and B
    Civil war II #3 Midnight release, cover A, 1:10 Phil Noto
    Vision #9
    Flash #2 A and B
    Civil War Gods of War #2
    Henchgirl #1 variant didn’t have a problem with the website they have pretty fair prices there.

  14. Small week for me as I catch up from being on vacation. Avoiding all the hype like the plague.

    Descender 13
    Mirror 5

    • Anthony says:

      Hype Hype Hype

      • schweizerdavid says:

        Lalalalala… can’t hear you!

        Just going to buy whichever Harley 1 I see in the shop. I kind of like the Bill Sienkiewicz.
        No Rebirth or Civil War for me. Store variants: meh. I still have a Gwenpool Paris and an Escape From Monster Isle Stormtrooper cover I’m sitting on.

        I haven’t been doing a lot of selling, so I am thinking that is probably where I’m headed for a while. I have been been inputting my collection on the CBSI Marketplace My Collection database and discovered that I have 2240 comics in my collection and I haven’t even finished inputting them. (I have it set up as public if you want to take a peek.)

        I just completed a full run of NYX I want to sell. I’m trying to time when best to sell my BA12 CBCS 9.6. There is a comic swap with tables in my area coming in October that I may try my hand at. Looking into building a comic display made out of pvc tubing to display comics for sale at a table.

        Glad I sold my Ardden We Can Never Go Home when I did. Just saw a comparable copy sell for half of what I sold it for.

      • Anthony says:

        Damn it. Was not going to buy any more Harley’s and what do I see today? My favorite artist Paul Pope has done one. Now I have to buy another.

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      • agentpoyo says:


        “Hi, my name is Anthony and I have a problem.”

        I know, I poke fun and I have the same problem you do.

      • Anthony says:

        Don’t provoke the bear.

      • schweizerdavid says:

        A catfish food truck opened up near my lcs. Glorious day! Wednesdays are now comics and catfish days.

      • Anthony says:

        Nice. Weren’t you the one telling me about the pineapple rum? Gotta tell me what that was called again.

      • schweizerdavid says:

        Plantation Pineapple “Stiggins’ Fancy” Original Dark Rum with a nod to Charles Dickens. I truly recommend you doing a YouTube search and watch the video of how it was made.

    • Jesus says:

      What are u going to ask for BA12?

  15. Krighton says:

    Thought this was odd…Action Comics was severely under ordered in all my stores today…one store didn’t have any.

    • Anthony says:

      No B cover for the Flash 2 anywhere. You guys seeing them?

      • agentpoyo says:

        Yes, plenty in my area. Also Action Comics was plentiful at one shop, honestly I thought they over ordered and it seems their 2nd prints they been buying locally have been plentiful as well. Let’s see if I can say plentiful one more time.. plentiful cause it’s the word of the day down here in Austin. P L E N T I F U L of the After Birth crud.. 🙂

      • brennan says:

        I got both covers for flash, new superman, Nightwing and Hal jordan. My shop had plenty of a’s and a handful of b’s

  16. Legend Of Wonder Woman #8
    Night Trap #2 Great slasher type of book and OMG!! only $2.99.
    Wonder Woman #2 Both Wonder Woman titles are for my wife but I’ll end up reading them also. I’m not sure how I feel about the dual story lines on this book. Part of me thinks we’ll settle into one story and only pull the odd or the even side. Unless they do something to really grip us.
    The Violent #5 Early end to this series. I’ve enjoyed and was sad to see it go. It’s a depressing read though…

    I’m going on vacation soon and I have Comixology and Marvel Unlimited downloaded on my ipad. I doubt I keep either after I get back but i’m intrigued to have a ton of books at my disposal all on my iPad taking up no room. Last year I brought a bunch of trades and they were annoying to lug around.

  17. Kiley Lyons says:

    Just got some copies of Horizon #1 (Image) signed by Brandon Thomas at my LCS. Let me know if you’d like one. Not looking to make $$, just want to cover costs and hook up my fellow CHU’ers. Let me know.


  18. schweizerdavid says:

    Damn. I picked up a copy of Bunker too because I couldn’t remember if I dropped it or not and it was in my box. Also found a copy of Busted! (Vol.2) #8 to add to my Neil Gaiman personal collection. This issue of the CBLDF newsletter includes a 3-paragraph travel story by Neil Gaiman, “On the Perils of Parasailing.”

    • Jesus says:

      Excuse me what? What’s a hangout? Lol not big on the social media stuff. Gets me in trouble with the wife lol

      • schweizerdavid says:

        It is a messaging app. That way you don’t have to give out your email to everyone in the world. Do you have a different messaging system you want to use?

  19. JT says:

    Such BS, Aspen are reselling the Harley variants and now instead of 1000 pudding packs there are 2500. If they aren’t making them a 2nd print I’m canceling mine due to false pretenses.BS! I busted ass to get mine.

  20. J. Coleman says:


    Action Comics 959 reg
    Detective 936 reg
    Flash 2 reg
    Hal Jordan variant
    New Super-man variant
    Nightwing reg
    Wonder Woman reg (variant didn’t look as good to me)
    dc variants were a little bit lighter than regs, but I liked most of the regs better…
    Dark Tower Bitter Medicine 4
    Hip Hop Family tree 11
    Bunker 18


    All-New X-Men Vol 2 #10 (X-Men Apocalypse Wars Tie-In)
    Betty & Veronica Vol 2 #1 Cover D Variant Stephanie Buscema Cover NEXT WEEK
    Big Trouble In Little China #25 Cover A Regular Jeffrey Chamba Cruz Cover
    Birthright #16
    Black Hammer #1 Cover B Variant Jeff Lemire Cover NEXT WEEK
    Dark And Bloody #5
    Darth Vader #21 Cover B Variant John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Cover
    Double Take Super Pack #4
    Faster Than Light #7
    Forgive Me Father Vol 2 #2 Cover A Regular Ulises Carpintero Cover NEXT WEEK
    Ghoul Scouts Night Of The Unliving Undead #1 Cover A Regular Mark Stegbauer Cover
    Goldie Vance #3 Cover A Regular Brittney Williams Cover
    Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Grimm Tales Of Terror Vol 2 #9 Cover A Eric J
    Harrow County #13
    Henchgirl #8
    House Of Penance #3
    Invisible Republic #10
    Midnight Of The Soul #1
    Moon Knight Vol 8 #2 Cover C 2nd Ptg Greg Smallwood Variant Cover
    Ninjak Vol 3 #16 Cover A Regular Mike Choi Cover
    Prometheus Life And Death #1 Cover C Variant Dave Dorman 30th Anniversary Cover
    Snotgirl #1 Cover B Bryan Lee O Malley NEXT WEEK
    Star Wars Poe Dameron #3 Cover A 1st Ptg Regular Phil Noto Cover
    Superman #423 Old school Alan Moore
    Train Called Love #9 Cover A Regular Russ Braun Cover
    Vile #1 NEXT WEEK
    Voracious #4 Cover A Regular Jason Muhr Cover
    Wicked + The Divine #20 Cover B Jenny Frison
    Wolf #8

  21. Philippe Brault says:

    Wednesday pick ups:

    Dark n bloody 6 
    Detective comics 936 
    Flash 2 
    Wonder woman 2 
    Hal jordan  green lantern corps rebirth 1 
    Legend of wonder woman 8 
    New superman 1  3$ (x2)
    Nightwing rebirth 1 
    Archangel 2 
    Dungeons n dragons 3 
    Birthright 17 
    Horizon 1 
    Civil war II 3 
    Old man logan 8 
    Green lanterns 1-2 
    Worst x-man ever 3

    Last weekend was also montreal comiccon where I picked up a whole lot if comics including a transformers: till all are one 1 and star trek 58 con exclusives. Other than that a few nice pickups are amazing spider man 252 secret wars 8 (75c variant) and after a long search finally got my hands on a runaways 1 in nm.

    Good week!

  22. Anthony says:

    Anyone get Night Trap #2? It was supposed to be out yesterday.

  23. jt says:

    Anyone have info on the con exclusives coming to stores July 21? The what’s, and where’s for Comics and Pops? Thanks!

    • Anthony says:

      What at Game Stop? I would love to know.

      Sent from my iPhone


      • JT says:

        GameStop, Hot Topic, Barnes and Noble, and TRU are supposed to get Sdcc exclusives on the 21st, rumored to be mostly Diamond PX stuff but all I hear are rumors, nothing I can confirm yet. I read a few Pop sites saying GameStop will get the “false God” Superman, WD fire Zombie, cowboy Deadpool, movie Doomsday, etc. and Barnes and Noble has Purple pie man, red, white, and blue Snoopy, blueberry Violet Beugard, etc.

      • Anthony says:

        Nice. Let us know if you hear more.

  24. Birdman says:

    Picked up all the Rebirth books, covers A & B…got New Superman x 5 (story was fun, but I don’t understand how you MAKE a Superman!?). Also got Wacky Raceland, both covers…really like the artist (Leonardo Manco) on this…not sure this book or Scooby or Flinstones, etc. are getting much love from comic fans. IMO, DC should have priced these non superhero books @ $2.99 also to jump start the concept and potentially bolster readership…DC may have missed an opportunity here.

    Also bought…
    All New Xmen (Death of X variant)
    Civil War II #3 midnight release variant and 2 Noto covers…really liked this issue, I think the writing is strong on this book…I expected people would be chasing the Noto cover b/c of Hawkeye being a central player in the events of this issue…but not getting that vibe.
    Civil War II Choosing Sides cover B
    Civil War II Spidey cover B
    Daredevil (Death of X variant)
    Deadpool (Death of X variant – funny cover)
    Gwenpool reg., 2 Lim variants (nice cover! – just wish Doctor Strange was on the inside too), and 1 Wu variant – finding limited volume of variants out there on this title.
    New Avengers (Death of X variant)
    Old Man Logan (Death of X variant)

    From prior weeks…
    Xmen Worst Xman Ever 5…I suspect a low print run on this final issue…harder to find
    Joyride 1 (first print) and 3
    Han Solo 2 (1 in 25 variant)
    Poe Dameron 4 (1 in 25 variant)

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