DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Report 7/14/2016

Hey, CHU!

In other, less-aggravating-than-Aspen-not-realizing-that-the-entire-value-of-their-product-is-linked-to-its-collectibility related news, we finally have a peak at Darth Vader # 24’s John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant!

From Jedi Bibliothek (how do they keep getting the scoop on this!?):

image (4)

That’s right!!! It’s Triple Zero (0-0-0), everybody’s favorite homicidal protocol droid!

Now, back in my June Star Wars Report, I made some completely unfounded wild speculations about what the identity of the characters on the final two Darth Vader action figure covers may be:

“So finally, my variant cover prediction?

<a href="“>Issue #24 will depict Triple Zero.
Issue #25 will depict Doctor Aphra herself. Issue #25, the final issue of Darth Vader, is going to catch retailers by surprise. It’s, likely, going to have a far lower print run than #3 did. Finally, many fans will find out very late that Aphra is on the cover. Take this all with a grain of salt as action figure covers have become cover price covers in most places, but I predict Aphra’s cover to be an exception.”

Will we get Aphra on #25!? I sure hope I’m right!


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4 Responses to DrunkWooky’s Star Wars Report 7/14/2016

  1. Jesus says:

    When is the cut off date to order #25? Or am I to late?

  2. Jay says:

    So do u recommend this plus 25 o just 25? Also is this the last darth vader action figure cover or the last star wars action figure cover?

    • I’ll fully disclose how biased I am on this subject: I’m a nut about Star Wars! I always have been and the fandom shows no sign of stopping. I plugged through the sequel years and held out for better days. Now that they’re here, I go a bit overboard on the Marvel Star Wars publications.

      Personally, I grabbed Thanoth (20), Tulon (21), Cylo (22), and Bee-Tee (23). For spoiler-related reasons I think Thanoth, Tulon, and Cylo will fade into obscurity. I could see BeeTee, Triple Zero, and Doctor Aphra getting a team-up book in the near future, but nothing is confirmed yet.

      If I were playing it conservative and wanted to pick just one: I would grab the Aphra #25 JTC action figure variant. All three characters (Bee-Tee, Triple Zero, and Doctor Aphra) have a following now, but it appears that Darth VAder #3 sells for a premium because of Aphra, not BeeTee or Triple Zero. That being said, these variants can be found for cover in a lot of places nowadays. My LCS owner said that these are “to-order.” No incentives on these.

      For those not inclined towards JTC’s action figure variants there is a Shiriham a cover coming out for #25. Look at the lovely job Shirihama did on Iron Man:


      To your other question: #25 is the last issue of Darth Vader, so these are the last Darth Vader action figure covers. However, JTC shows now sign of stopping his action figure machine from running. I think Marvel will run this well into the ground Skottie-Young-Style long before they stop.

      JTC is coming out with a Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur action figure cover for gods sake. Next week we get a snowtrooper on SW #21.

      Again, grain of salt, Jay, but that’s my opinion on these.

  3. agentpoyo says:

    I’ve been nabbing at least two of every JTC Star Wars action covers myself. Aphra I might be nabbing a few extra. I would totally welcome her own series with her two murderous droids…

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