Alana’s Weekend Spec: The Return of DC TV

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Hey fellow CHU’ers welcome back to yet another Weekend Specs for you back issue hunting, 1st appearance loving, comic book collectors out there. This weeks safari includes some DC specs dealing with the coming Fall line up of DC TV as well as some issues pertaining to the current Rebirth arc in comics. I have a few Marvel specs for upcoming Marvel series that were leaked to finish up this weeks write up. I PROMISE to not raise the print run on any of these specs šŸ˜œ Lets jump in!!!



Up first set photos showing a Orange and Black speedster from Flash surface. The suit appears to be that of the modern Black Racer not to be confused with the Black Flash a different black suit wearing speedster. Black Racer first appears in New Gods vol 1 #3 a not so pricey pick up, the modern Black Racer wearing the orange and black first appears inĀ Justice League #44which is the first re-introduction of Black Racer has an estimated print run of 77k there are 3 covers for it standard, DC 75th, and a rare half BW sketch NYCC variant. Also just as important DarkseidĀ War Flash #1 it’s a one shot with a 33k print run it also has a second print with believed to be under 5k same cover though. In this issue Barry becomes the Black Racer. This is a Houdini and may be one online on eBay and one on Amazon at $100 at the time of writing this. Similar situation with the 1st appearance of Black Flash awhile back, low supply might not meet a future high demand so be on the lookout for both these books. Also Don’t count out the CW and new 52 Wally West as being a bust, Wally will don the suit in season 3 of the Flash as well as make his appearance in the DC Rebirth universe in upcoming issue Flash #9 which will be a tale of two worlds homage cover with both Wallys.


Speaking of Flash might as well mention Arrow as that will be coming back this Fall as well. A couple good cheap specs are still around in the Arrowverse. Mia Dearden the new Speedy a Kevin Smith created character is a low risk spec that’s worth having. Mia 1st appears in Green Arrow vol. 3 #2 and suited as The new Speedy in Green Arrow vol. 3 #45. Mia is also the first character with AIDS in comics I think and the AIDS issue would be #44. Shado according to some DC previews I’ve been reading will play a role in the coming Arrow Rebirth series her 1st is Green Arrow the Longbow Hunters #1 find it in the discount bin. Rounding out the Arrow specs Deathstroke #15 1st Rose Wilson will be playing a part in the coming Deathstroke Rebirth. These books can be found for under $5 so why not.

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Keeping with the DC TV theme we have Gotham. This coming season will have a slew of new villains, a good pick is Solomon Grundy. Showcase #55 1st SA Solomon Grundy can be found for a good deal. Grundy’s 1st Golden Age appearance is a scarce book in the $10k+ range, the 1st SA appearance is his 5th appearance over all, Not bad for the price. Other villains that you may see in Gotham this Fall Madhatter, Croc, maybe even Joker.

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That leaves us with Supergirl, Superman is coming to Supergirl now everyone run out and pick up Action Comics #1šŸ¤— along with Superman this rumor of Cyborg Superman is still not going away. Adventures of Superman #465, #466 1st Hank Henshaw, Adventures of Superman #500 1st Hank as Cyborg Superman are worth your back issue consideration.


Not to forgetĀ Legends of Tomorrow, Monarch rumored to be the villain of season 2 1st appearance Armageddon 2001 #2, also Wild Dog is a good Arrow spec as well 1st appearance Wild Dog #1 both books found in dollar bins.


I’ll leave you with some Marvel Spec news regarding upcoming Marvel Now leaks. Amazing Spider-Man #78 1st Prowler is a decent price pick up for the age of the book. Prowler will get his own solo series as well as individual series for Foolkiller, Slapstick, and Solo from the Mercs for Money, if you don’t have these 1st appearances yet it’s not to late.

Well that’s it for this week, again the print runs of these specs WILL NOT be raised based on demand so get out there and get hunting. Thanks and have a good weekend.


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23 Responses to Alana’s Weekend Spec: The Return of DC TV

  1. Jonathan says:

    Good piece, but “don,” not “dawn.”

  2. Jesus says:

    Sold my copies of Adventures of Superman 465 & 466 a while back. No regrets as I sold them for way more then what I paid for them. And they where a solid 9.4.

  3. Jay says:

    What action comics 1 are u talking about new 52?

  4. Donato Congialdi says:

    Superman # 78 came out June 1993 as did Adv. Of Sup. # 500…these are tied for 1st app Cyborg Superman IMO w/ Superman # 78 having Cyborg Superman on the cover……

    • Joe G says:

      They’re not tied. Adventures came out first. Check the triangle numbers….

      • Donato Congialdi says:

        The Superman 78 says June 1993…Adv Sup 500 says Early June 1993…same month ..guessing Superman 78 was continued from Adv Sup 500 story. Looks like Superman 78 is 1st Cyborg Superman cover?

  5. Joe G says:

    The triangle numbers on the cover of Superman comics from the 90s and early aughts tell you what order they came out in, as they were basically one (mostly) weekly title. Adventures #500 comes in-between “Funeral for a Friend” and “Reign of the Supermen”. It ends with a couple preview pages for each of the four replacement Supermen prior to “Reign” starting and is Triangle number 1993-11. Superman #78 is part 3 of “Reign”.and is Triangle number 1993-14. They may have shipped the same month, but Superman #78 shipped three weeks later.

    • Joe G says:

      Superman #78 is the first cover of Henshaw as the Cyborg Superman, but not Henshaw’s first cover overall. He’s on the cover to Adventures #466.

  6. Lonzilla says:

    While people are speculating on Man-Thing #3 as the 1st Foolkiller it should be noted that the original Foolkiller died in the next issue because many people who spec haven’t read the Bronze Age classics.
    Omega The Unknown #9 is the 1st appearance of the 2nd and current Foolkiller and is a very cheap pickup still

  7. Alana says:

    Picked up #8 as well first cameo

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