Gladiator Hulk Armor Revealed for Thor Ragnarok

AgentM from Marvel dropped another reveal on his twitter feed @AgentM. Thor Ragnarok will have the Hulk appear in his Gladiator armor from the Planet Hulk story line.

The Planet Hulk story line began in Incredible Hulk #92. He appears on the cover in it.



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5 Responses to Gladiator Hulk Armor Revealed for Thor Ragnarok

  1. OCguy72 says:

    Thor Ragnarok is looking like it will be a sweet flick! Glad i picked up a few extra copies of Hulk 92 Variant cover (2nd print) a couple of years ago when they were still four or five dollars each. Hulk armor is definitely on the first print cover of issue #92 but in the story arch Hulk doesn’t wear the armor until mid way through issue #93. Not sure how much spec play would be on that issue, but they aren’t pricey and some at slightly above cover price can still be found.

  2. Alana says:

    I’m liking the Justice League trailer. Put to bed my worries of screwing up Flash.

  3. trailer for jla was amazing

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