Wally West Gets New Costume and Dr. Manhattan in Titans

Bleeding Cool had this one. 

We already showed you what is going on in Flash this week. However in this week’s Titans #1, we see Wally get a new costume and an appearance by Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan. 

This is already out there so no need to spoiler hide it. However, if you prefer not to look here is your warning.

So… We at least get a glimpse of Dr. Manhattan’s hand. Nothinf earth shattering there but we will probably see the Watchmen at sometime in the future.

And the switch from Yellow to Red in the costume selection.
Titans #1 is out this Wednesday. July 27.


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15 Responses to Wally West Gets New Costume and Dr. Manhattan in Titans

  1. Jay says:

    Isint this the same costume we saw on Titans Rebirth? Why DC trying to milk everyone . If rebirth didnt count then they shouldnt have made rebirth titles. We alresdy saw Godspeed in flash rebirth. We alresdy saw wallys new costume in titans rebirth. spec wise its like we already seen these things give us something new

    • Anthony says:

      I think DCU Rebirth was like a sampler using scenes from upcoming books to tell a back story. We saw Wally puller over in Flash Rebirth and also saw the almost exact same thing in DCU Rebirth.

    • Anthony says:

      We saw Batman finding the Comedian pin in Rebirth and then again in Batman. See. Sampler.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Because DC is in this to make money.. silly! 😉

  2. Ed says:

    The first slew of rebirth titles did a good job of incorporating the Dr. Manhattan storyline and the lost 10 years. The latter titles just seem to be doing whatever they please without much consideration of the Rebirth theme. Glad Titans is going to keep the main storyline going.

    • Krighton says:

      Superman would care more about the main plotline but at the moment he’s fighting Doomsday and the Eradicator…bit busy.

  3. xman_2 says:

    So the only we we can tell the difference between Wally West and Barry Allen flash is the hair? lol

  4. Jay says:

    Well in titans rebirth u already see wallys outfit with the blue symbol so spec wise not sure if anything new here , idk why they call this the return of wally west. That was titans rebirth

  5. Krighton says:

    Regardless where you see it first…the variant cover is amazing.

  6. gunshowboy says:

    i thought he was standing there like he was way ahead and waiting on them…

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