Mel V’s Variant Picks of the week for 7/27/16

What up CHU? Mel V back once again with Mels Variants of the week. Let me start by saying my wallet is loving me this summer, there really hasn’t been a ton of the higher prices variants, here we go with this weeks picks:

GI Joe A Real American Hero #230 Cover C Variant Robert Atkins ROM Subscription Cover

GI Joe A Real American Hero #230 Cover C Variant Robert Atkins ROM Subscription Cover – I like the fact that IDW is marketing the heck out of ROM..and to see him on a cover with Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow brings a smile to my inner childhood,some of these Rom mash ups are pretty cool

Tommy #1 Cover E Variant Glow-In-The-Dark Cover

Tommy #1 Cover E Variant Glow-In-The-Dark Cover– This cover really captures the dark and twisted feel of this sold out Creature entertainment title, will be a tough one to find

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #3 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover

Wonder Woman Vol 5 #3 Cover B Variant Frank Cho Cover-A lot of controversy surrounding this cover and conflict between Mr. Cho and Mr. Rucka

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Titans #1 Cover B Mike Choi Variant Cover – man, this is one beautiful cover. People are going crazy for this one on-line and it is sold out at Diamond.

Black Panther Vol 6 #4 Cover C Variant Death Of X Cover

Black Panther Vol 6 #4 Cover C Variant Death Of X Cover – I remember when I was young reading about when Callisto and Storm battled for control of the Morlocks, and for some reason I was rooting for Calisto, and now a cover with a VICTORY,  so this cover will be for the PC


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29 Responses to Mel V’s Variant Picks of the week for 7/27/16

  1. Jesus says:

    That Frank Cho cover is awesome. That’s the one I am going to try and get tomorrow. And what’s up with the conflict?

  2. tmas27 says:

    Rucka didn’t like that Cho drew Wonder Woman with a part of her panty showing so he had her backside cut out of the final cover. Cho subsequently quit the title. He was suppose to do 24 variant covers but #6 will be his last one.

    • Anthony says:

      And this is why we can’t have nice things.

      • Jay says:

        Hey Anthony remember that Superman Voil Variant SDCC, its slowly being appreciated just like i assumed. Almost all gone on ebay, and the few left are raising the prices from $25 to $40 now. Wont be surprised if these down the road become the $100 book that batman has become and batman will drop to $1 bin. This is the arc of John Kent Son of Superman Issue 1, first Superman Issue that John Kent is on. The longer the arcs go the more it will grow in apprection , vice versa for batman but the opposite. I know batman got the fan base, but rebirth about to change the game for the both of them

      • Anthony says:

        Did you grab it from the shop?

      • Krighton says:

        Batman 1 foil bin for $1….I dunno about that one…..nice to see Superman getting some love

    • Jesus says:

      That’s a very stupid reason. They act like Wonder Woman didnt show her undies in Batman vs Superman. And we are back to the manara variant conspiracy lol.

      • Heck, even in the 60’s Wonder Woman ran around in nothing but “undies”. The unedited cover is posted online, There’s nothing shocking about it all….

  3. Alana says:

    These were all $10 from Comicxsposure last week with no limit, I saw them when I picked the Black Cat Venom variants they still have the wonderwoman left with a jacked price now $45. I don’t see what’s the big deal, they have a high print run for a exclusive Variant of a book that already came out. This might as well be a third print since it was released after the 2nd print and 3rd prints. OMG it has foil on the cover so does half of the books from the late 90s lol. They are just that $10 convention reprint shiny foil variants with a high number printed, not all fish are attracted to shiny lures in the sea.

    • Alana says:

      I do agree that Superman was the best of the three Rebirths and has legs down the road.

    • Anthony says:

      lol. I like shiny covers.

      • Louie M. says:

        Slowly getting my SDCC highlights article ready for CHU and I am mentioning the foil covers. The workers at Graphitti booth are not into the condition of the comics – it’s really a t-shirt booth that happens to have comics, so it’s not their thing. The foils are jammed into a metal rack, I could see so much spine damage, fingerprints, and scratches. You ask to see one, they rip it out and throw in on the table. Horrifying to us collectors, but not everyone realizes it may have value.

        Off topic – I also saw some lines in the morning for Image’s daily allotment of SDCC Snotgirl exclusives. It was a relatively small line, but still it was a LINE for comics at SDCC!! it was like seeing a unicorn lol

      • Anthony says:

        They had Batman and Harley variants at Baltimore this year that they were selling. Kind of just laying in a large box. I sorted through a ton to get clean copies. They were good with that though. Got the Harley’s signed by Amanda Connor and they blew off eBay.

  4. Alana says:

    The rarest variants from SDCC most likely Zenoscope Star Wars cover 25copies made and then they also reprinted the Fett cosplay in purple at 350copies. There’s also a Wonder Woman rebirth variant that was only given to one small group of people that attended the poorly attended Wonder Woman 75th panel. Only two copies up for sale that I see.

  5. Alana says:

    Ones up for auction in a lot with other variants bid is at .99

  6. Krighton says:

    Black hammer 1 sdcc is doing well….helps that the comic is a great read

    • Anthony says:

      It was fantastic. Cannot wait to see what is going on on the farm and in the town and how they are isolated.

      • Jay says:

        Unless your in an auction all the buy it now Superman 1 Foil SDCC is offically now $40. I think people slowly are putting down the “batman” kool aid and realizing this is Rebirth not New 52, theres a new sheriff in town, names John Kent. $100 for batman foil variant? Not a smart move

      • Krighton says:

        Batman defies all logic, Foil or not…glad I got 1 copy, would rather have a few more of Superman 1. Should have pulled the trigger on a Supes 1 for $20 late yesterday before people woke up and realized what they were missing.

      • Jay says:

        With flash in squad u think old flash boomerang comics got legs?

      • Anthony says:

        Flash is in Squad?

      • Jay says:

        Ya so what u think, which one to grab? Old boomerang vs flash comics? Or like
        Covers of flash and squad members?

      • Jay says:

        Theres also covers with Flash and Harley but idk if covers have any legs compared to old comics with him in it

  7. Travis says:

    That’s unfortunate that Frank Cho won’t be doing more wonder woman variants, they have been some of my favorites thus far.

  8. melthemovieguy says:

    anyone find Glow in the Dark Tommy?

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