One to Watch : Image Plus #4 Origin of Lucille (Walking Dead Spoiler)

Thanks to Brian Springman, comic book genius, and guy who reads comics while I am still asleep, for this one.


Image Plus #4 had it all this week; previews of new books, articles worth reading, and the origin of Lucille.

Negan is a teacher, a crappy husband, and a cheat. He leaves his mistress because his wife has cancer. at the end of the last issue, she was really sick. We finally get to see the origin of Negan’s trusty head splitting bat.

We are going to spoiler protect this image.

That’s his wife if you hadn’t figured it out. So there you go, now you know why the bat has its name. Image Plus #4 is definitely a book worth looking out for.


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22 Responses to One to Watch : Image Plus #4 Origin of Lucille (Walking Dead Spoiler)

  1. agentpoyo says:

    Yeah, I had just read this right before you posted it. Very nice and I’ve been enjoying this back story on Negan.

  2. Nicc T says:

    I love these Image+ books. Maybe next issue he kills her with the bat and that’s like the actual reveal! That would be awesome.

  3. Alana says:

    Aspen has an increased print run for All-Star Batman too. Flop

    • Alana says:

      Pink Dell Otto Harley sold out

    • Nicc T says:

      That doesn’t have anything to do with Negan and this Image+ issue.

      • David Bitterbaum says:

        Sometimes people will comment about something unrelated to the main story as a sort of, “Heads-up,” to Tony so he knows to maybe make a story relating to their comment.

      • Anthony says:

        Until the new site is finished I don’t have a full forum for posting. So people just comment anywhere because I do read every comment made.

  4. Rick Foster says:

    Brian Springman is the main man

  5. brennan says:

    I’ve been buying this magazine strictly because of this story. Have not been disappointed.

  6. David Bitterbaum says:

    I have three theories about, “Image Plus.”

    1. The most notable stories collected in it besides the previews of other titles later get collected (like a Negan, “Walking Dead,” special) and the magazines therefore have little value other than for hardcore collectors of Image and/or magazines.

    2. Things within the magazines don’t get collected and that increases their value some, but due to so many copies being in existence it is minimal.

    3. Stuff isn’t collected from the magazine in other comics, and even though many magazines get printed people don’t carefully store them in the same way they do comics and a ton of, “Image Plus,” copies end-up ripped or recycled, thereby making the smaller number of copies in stellar condition quite the collector’s item.

    What comes true of these ideas will be seen.

    • Anthony says:

      The thing with Image Plus is there is a perforated punch out order list on the back cover that some people may use. That kills those copies. Others not stored safely will come detached. Kind of cool that the book is built to be destroyed.

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  7. Jesus says:

    I think that without image+ having the Negan origin, this book wouldn’t sell. Maybe it’s one of the reasons it was free with previews then now it isn’t cuz image saw that they can make money by not giving it away with previews. Kinda sucks for me since I would get it free. Ether way, I am still getting it just to read the story.

    • Anthony says:

      I am paying $1.99 mostly for 4 pages of story. Stupid? Yes!

      • Shines says:

        I am too. I think that further down the road there will be some value to these preview books, as Anthony said, many copies will get thrown out or damaged. Look at the Malibu Sun Spawn issue.
        But I don’t think the value will be in the Negan story. That’s going to get collected into a special just like the Michonne story from Playboy was ( and yeah, I’ll buy it again). The Playboy issue has little value and can still be bought for less than cover. But one of those other Image previews somewhere a long the line will hit big Walking Dead style, and take off. With 3-4 series previewed per book, it’s really a no brainer spec for two bucks a month.
        The key will be in whether the collecting world will consider these 1st appearances, or if they will go with some other book.(I can see complaints because it’s an odd size book not a comic size?) Personally, I would consider these previews official 1st apps. They are printed in official company publications that are sold not given away. Yes, they are in Previews too, but many shops do not give out free copies of the Previews catalog, They charge cost to cover price for the catalog to make up some of the cost Diamond makes them pay for the book, including a huge shipping charge. Only in the monopoly that is Diamond do retailers pay suppliers for privilage of ordering products!

      • agentpoyo says:

        I first read the Negan back story myself.. I skim the rest but I don’t really read it all. If it wasn’t for the Negan story, I wouldn’t be picking these up either, not when you can skim them at the store.

  8. Howie says:

    I got Image+ #1, is there a Negan story in each one so far? 2, 3, etc..?

  9. Alana says:

    The day Walking Dead previews are considered first appearances is the Day that Capes #1 and Agents #6 value eclipses Walking Dead #1

    • Anthony says:

      This is not a walking dead preview though.

      • Brian Springman says:

        Very true. These are previews for the other books shown, but as for the Negan story line, it’s a 12 part origin story and not a preview.

        Even if these are combined into a comic/one shot later, I still think a high grade set of all 12 issues will be worth having.

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