Louie M’s SDCC 2016 Cosplay Gallery

Louie M covers west coast conventions for comicsheatingup.net.


Louie sent over 100 cosplay photos this year. I wish I could run them all, but here are the highlights.

IMG_4262 IMG_4250IMG_4261  IMG_4248 IMG_4240 IMG_4239 IMG_4236 IMG_4211IMG_4210IMG_4175IMG_4228    IMG_4174 IMG_4173 IMG_4170  IMG_4153 IMG_4166IMG_4149 IMG_4145 IMG_4143 IMG_4142  IMG_4138 IMG_4139IMG_4135 IMG_4114IMG_4132 IMG_4124 IMG_4121  IMG_4112  IMG_4103  20160721_135342IMG_4092 IMG_4091  IMG_4110IMG_4097


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5 Responses to Louie M’s SDCC 2016 Cosplay Gallery

  1. David Bitterbaum says:

    I often will play as D.VA in the game, “Overwatch,” so seeing cosplay as her was fun! She is just such a great character with the huge mech and the 2nd chance at surviving even if it gets blown up.

  2. Louie says:

    i need to play overwatch asap. even though i don’t play it, she was my fav too, i think the suit looks so cool. and kudos for the effort on vanellope from wreck it ralph

  3. David Wilton says:

    Cool costumes. Thanks for sharing.

  4. dpiercy says:

    Very cool; thanks for posting.

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