Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 21

Greetings to my Awesomesauce and Comics Heating Up familes . Thank you all for reading this each and every week. Hope to see you in Boston and connect in the next few weeks . now lets make money on comics because you can’t teach that
1. Suicide Squad Vol. 1 #9 – Dear Slipknot, they put that chip in your brain for a reason why did you think you could escape? This is the issue that inspired the scene where Slipknot gets his head blow off. (Slight spoilers in that one) $5-10
2. Steel the Indestructible Man #1 – first Commander Steel of the JSA.  He will be in the Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 $10-20
3.  Life Magazine March 11th 1966 –  Adam West cover. This is a classic cover from the Batmania era and tough to find in nice shape. $20 and up. Not much spec play just a cool item for the p.c.
4. Superman Family 204 – wow, did the Enchantress steal the show in Suicide Squad? Yeah she did. This is her first cover appearance and is undervalued
5. Detective Comics #230 – Vicky Vale might be coming to Gotham Season Three. This is her last silver age appearance just snag the grade you can afford, but it is a cool book for bat fans
6. Batman Family #11– 1st bronze age Vicky Vale. These square bound bronze age issues from DC are tough to find in nice grade I loved this series as a kid and Vicky Vale is hot
7.  Batman #344 – 1st Modern age Vicky Vale. Fun bat trivia Marlin Monroe was the model for Vicky Vale and Bob Kane was her friend (lucky him!) #awesomesauce $5-10
8. DC Universe Legacies #2 – Commander Steel story and it is cheap $1-5
9. Batman Harley Quinn 3rd print – the Suicide Squad homage this cover and the third print is the toughest to find $50 and up
10. Cracked Magazine #227– this issue of cracked was banned in Moscow according to the eBay listing, plus it features the Cosby Show but Cracked Magazines from the 80’s just reek of awesomeness no spec play just a cool p.c. find
11. Secret Society of Super Villains #1 – sorry this weeks list is so DC heavy. Sorting through a DC collection I just got in and it inspired this weeks list. Plus ,with season two of Legends of Tomorrow doing the Legion of Doom which is the best Superfriends season of all time I thought this issue might get some play $25 and up
12. He Said She Said Comics #5 – the OJ Simpson story. This series is just fun. Not sure of any real spec play but I do love these classic comics from the nineties $3-10
13. Hercules the Legendary Journeys #3 – Xena is making a come back. Another old school tv property coming back for the Netflix gerention. #awesomesauce. this is Xena’s first comic book appearance and it is extremely cheap compared to other series like Star Wars or the X-Files
14. New Mutants #100 3rd print – I am surprised about how many 90’s books have these later printings. Second and later prints are all the rage today. X-Force is coming to theaters someday and this book can still be found in the wild
15. All Star Batman #3 Black Canary Variant – The Frank Miller / Jim Lee All Star Batman series is tons of fun. I loved it, people need to stop being haters and lighten up. This is a great undervalued variant from the series.  Even if Canary looks like a lady of the evening. $20
16. Ultimate Spider-man #33 – with Venom and Carnage appearances blowing up, why are Ultimate Spidey #s 33 & 60, 1st Venom and Carnage so damn cheap? I can still find both of them in dollar bins in the wild, why?
17. The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide #16 1986 – not a ton of spec play. However, this was the first Overstreet I ever bought and I can’t believe it was 30 years ago. Plus that Marvel birthday cover is just amazing $5-15
18. The Freshmen #1 – created by the coolest actor of our generation,  Seth Green. This series was created in 2005 from Top Cow Comics, maybe it gets optioned one day, but copies are cheap and it is a good read. $5
19. Amazing Spider-man #14 Wizard Ace Edition– remember when Wizard put out sweet reprints with the shiny covers? I believe this will be a great one to spec on. Reprints the first Green Goblin. The Goblin or Norman will be in the new movies as Sony always goes to the Goblin why, why, w.t.f. but I am now chasing Wizard Ace editions. $10-20
20. All Star Comics #3 Millennium Edition – Comes in a regular or Chrome cover. Most people cannot afford the first appearance of JSA but can afford to read it in these more affordable reprints. Still collectible and have gone up in price since it came out.
Once again thanks for reading. Thanks for listening and thanks for
helping me make my dreams come true.
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20 thoughts on “Blind Adam’s Hidden Gems Vol. 21”

  1. I really found the the enchantress to be one weakest of the lot. – in fact bloody awlful. – only beaten by killer croc. – they could have had any big ugly guy in that role and gotten away with the same thing. this movie was harley n deadshot with the suprise from captain boomerang

      1. I know your on vacation, but people saying the whispers show up in trailer for season 7 of Walking Dead. I know how you are with walking dead articles?

  2. You said the issue inspires the scene where [redacted] gets his [redacted] [redacted] off. If the issue INSPIRED it, I’m pretty sure you’re talking about the movie. Which, yes, needs a spoiler tag. To be more specific, it needs a spoiler tag beforehand. I’m not sure whether it’s a bigger problem that you think you were talking about the comic or that you actually were talking about the comic when you wrote that the comic inspired a scene in a comic. But, whatever. Appreciate the reply.

      1. Should of used a spoiler tag but in fairness most have predicted/known Slipknot will be the Noname character to die first since the first trailer. If you watch the trailers you know Slipknot dies, he’s not in any of the team scenes in the trailers other then the outside the prison scene. On the other hand you have a dozen Joker scenes in the trailers that are not in the movie causing some movie goers to file lawsuit against Warner Bros.?

  3. Ummm ummmm Enchantress stole show? Hmmm… well… if any woman dances like that again, no matter how gorgeous, I’m running to the hills

  4. Hey Anthony off topic but I got an email regarding the solar man cbfs variant and at the end they say they are going to do a henchgirl variant next.

    1. Yes, I got that email as well….Nice of them to email letting buyers know the solar Man #1 variant would be delayed. I wonder if the Hench girl variant they will be doing will be limited to the same print run as Solar Man #1?

      1. probably. It is being done by a Facebook Group. Maybe if people are interested enough I will contact Scout about doing one for the site…. Interested?

        1. yes, yes we can. Funny thing. Poyo and I have known each other for a while a few years now and he is going to NYCC with me this year. But if you put him in a room full of people, I would not be able to pick him out.

  5. Talk about HATERS today. Blind Adam does his research to put out his weekly specs. If you guys don’t like it then do your own research and your own spec. You guys are getting mad over a little scene and making it into a big deal. And he even apologize to you all. Crazy……………

  6. i want the chew scout henchgirl variant . but no agent powle doing cos play as henchgirl. if you need a cos player for henchgirl let me know blind adam has your hock up. thank you all for reading . I love you all . blind adam out

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