Animosity #1 Frankie’s Comics Variant

With the almost instant sellout of Animosity #1 at Diamond and the almost instant sell out of Frankie’s comics Animosity #2 variant, Frankie’s comics has announced a new variant for issue #1

Frankie’s Comics has announced they will be doing a variant for Animosity #1 which coincides with the release of the second printing. The variant will feature cover art by Michael Gaydos (Marvel’s Alias). There will be a regular and a black and white version. The black and white will only be available as a part of a set.

The variant for issue 2 sold out within hours of being announced so I imagine this one will too. 


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13 Responses to Animosity #1 Frankie’s Comics Variant

  1. Brian Springman says:

    Color print run of 150 and 50 of the b&w.

    There are only 4 sets left!

  2. Eric says:

    Cool to see what the cover looks like.

  3. Kevin Winger says:

    Picked up two of each! Thx CHU!

  4. Missed out on the BW set. Damn you work and responsibilities for distracting me from buying comics…

  5. A. King says:

    Missed out again. Placed order went downstairs to get wallet……. sold out. Oh well at least I did pick up 2 more #1’s today and yesterday.

  6. Jim Drummond says:

    These store variants never do anything in the after market. Hard pass

    • Brian Springman says:

      When there are tons of retailer variants for the big publishers all with a minimum print run of 3k copies each, sure, many don’t do anything on the secondary market.

      But when there is a small publisher with a hot book that’s hot from word of mouth and not “pumping and dumping”, and then you have a very limited variant that has a smaller print run than all other variants or even the 1:10 incentive, you then have all the ingredients for a potential jump in price later down the road.

      This series has a bunch of potential and more and more are seeking it out to read.

    • agentpoyo says:

      Just all depends on supply and demand. If the book stays hot, these have a chance. But I agree somewhat, more people will seek out the 1st print regular cover, it will become the clear winner based on cover price and then demand value.

  7. Tweed says:

    Speaking of small publishers…ltd edition comix put out some more exclusive Scout comics. Managed to grab a Henchgirl 1 Sketch cover by Gudsnak, apparently limited to 50…now long gone! Though there is another Henchgirl 1 cover available.

    • Anthony says:

      A couple different Scout variants were announced today and I just didn’t have a chance to link to them. Glad people got in on them. I had a ton of emails in reference to them but wasn’t able to jump in on them myself.

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  8. The Blindbox variants are selling like hotcakes at $150 to $200 on eBay! Only 100 of the black and white and 150 of the color and 20 embossed. There is one embossed on ebay bidded at over $300 with 34 days left. They are first print variants unlike the Frankies variant which will be released the same day as issue 2.

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